Hi! I'm Dave Lambert.

Welcome to my wiki: The Learning Professor.


For much more about me--The Learning Professor--please click the "ABOUT ME" link on the left Navigation Bar.


My thanks go, above all, to my institution (Azusa Pacific University) for providing regularly refreshed laptops, wired "smart" classrooms, a wireless campus, and excellent classroom support from a talented IT department. Most of all, I would be totally useless without Holly Magnuson, my mentor in all things computer.

Three persons provided great ideas which helped shaped how I have developed my wiki:

1. Joanna Kay

To the question Joanna Kay posed to herself as to how she would use her wiki, she laid out several ways: personal portfolio, networking tool, resource repository, linking tool, and aggregation tool. All of these ideas have influenced my own wiki format.

2. Michele Martin

Highlighting several insights she received from Joyce Valenza, the librarian at her daughter's high school, Michele Martin describes how she herself has "wikified her handouts." As she puts it: "Actually, my wiki IS the handout." I have taken her advice.

3. Vicki Davis

In commenting on how Mr. Bariexcas uses one wiki for each course, Vicki Davis suggests that she herself prefers to employ one master wiki--for all her courses. I, too.


My faculty page, screen-captured below, can be accessed at http://www.apu.edu/clas/faculty/dlambert/.