6-8 Confusing things about Vietnam for Americans

Chapter 1: Working-Class War
33 Physical exemptions
35 Student deferments
36 Last paragraph is an excellent summary
41 Ambiguity over anti-war sentiment
43 Last paragraph: UUUU

Chapter 2: Life Before the Nam
44 Canada, prison, or army
45 Employers reluctant to hire potential draftees
50-55 Middle-class young men faced a different dilemma
55-63 Affirming the unavoidable

Chapter 3: Basic Training
92 Suicide attempts
96-107 Essence of training
113-114 People sent to Vietnam knew little about the place

Chapter 4: Ominous Beginnings
Please read the entire chapter. How would you have felt? I will relate my own thoughts on the process.
117-144 Surreal Arrivals
A Poisoned World
Wire Mesh and Bad Omens

Chapter 5: The Terms of Battle
153-159 War by the numbers: attrition; search and destroy, body count
Hamlet Evaluation System: my experience with it
163 Futility of searching
166 VCI: Viet Cong infrastructure
168-170 Booby traps
171-172 Tunnels

Chapter 6: Drawing Fire and Laying Waste
175 Helicopters
177 Rice paddies
190-194 Laying waste
196-197 People caught in the middle (hard to remain neutral)
201 Reasons for strain on U.S. soldiers

Chapter 7: A War for Nothing
208 How could U.S. troops handle their mission
212-225 Read all of this. Who are we fighting for?
228 Who are the VC
235-238 Tour of duty; short-timer; R & R
245-246 Fraggings

Chapter 8: What Are We Becoming?
273-277 My Lai [recent accusation against John Kerrey]
279 Coming to terms with the probability of being killed
282 Spooky
286-297 Mutual misperceptions of Americans and South Vietnamese