Two sessions at least on Argentina


Military Coup

Dirty War

Operation Condor

Operation Charly

Falklands War

Return of Democracy
Truth commissions

U.S.-Argentine Relations - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History

Argentina Music

Argentina Cuisine

Argentine Food and Argentine Cuisine Travel Videos

1810 Restaurant Pasadena / DTLA Home
Named for May 1810 Revolution

Rixas in Glendora

Famous Names

Messi's Wedding in Rosario

50 Things to do in Buenos Aires Travel Guide

25 Things You Should Know About Buenos Aires

Map: Argentina

BBC Profile Argentina

CIA World Factbook

US Embassy

Argentina history

May 1810 Revolution (Argentina)

Argentina war of independence

José de San Martín

What is Peronism? (Argentina)


1955 Revolution (Argentina)ón_Libertadora

The Peronist Roots of Pope Francis’ Politics

Mini Bio: Eva Peron

Eva Perónón

Evita film

Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Madonna

Juan Perón (Argentina)

Isabel Peron

Battle of Algiers (1956-1957)–57)

Argentine State Terror
maybe print this 32 pp doc

Argentina: Secret U.S. Documents Declassified on Dirty War Atrocities

Argentina–United States relations
See especially the section "1960s-1980s

The Catholic Church & Argentina's Dirty War | Commonweal Magazine

Batallón de Inteligencia 601 (Argentina)
[what infamous units in other countries]

National Reorganization Process (Argentina)

Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons (Argentina)

We chose Britain over Argentina
Several countries mad at us
Argentine military govt overthrown

Operation Charly (Argentine method used in Central America)

Dirty War

Dirty War (Argentina): US involvement with the junta

Dirty War in Argentina (National Security Archive)

Documentary, "Argentina's Dirty War and the U.S. (1976-83)"

H-Net book review: Argentina, the United States, and the Anti-Communist Crusade in Central America, 1977-1984

Catholic Church against atheism of Communists
But local priests with liberation theology worked with lefties
Kill a priest, kill a communist

Children of the Argentina Dirty War - The New Yorker

America’s Role in Argentina’s Dirty War - The New York Times

Reflections on Human Rights Abuses During Argentina's Dirty War (Feb. 13, 2014)

40 years later, the Mothers of Argentina's "disappeared" refuse to be silent

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Argentina - History - Dirty War, 1976-1983
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Argentina - Military policy - 20th century
Antisemitism - Argentina - History - 20th century
Church and state - Argentina - History - 20th century
Disappeared persons - Argentina - History
Fascism - Argentina - History - 20th century
Human rights - Argentina - History - 20th century
National socialism - Moral and ethical aspects - Argentina
Political culture - Argentina - History - 20th century
Political persecution - Argentina - History - 20th century
Political violence - Argentina - History - 20th century
State-sponsored terrorism - Argentina - History - 20th century
Terrorism - Argentina-- History

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Argentina's dirty war and the transition to democracy

Argentina Dirty War, 1976-1983

Don't cry for me Argentina: the tumultuous times of Juan and Eva Peron

ERP (People's Revolutionary Army)

Argentine Revolution

Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (Triple A)