First session:

Who am I?

Who are you?
What countries have you lived in, traveled to, or been to on a missions trip
Autobiographical sketch [hard copy]

Why am I offering a course about Brazil?

I am learning along with you?
Teachers have just read and studied more than you have.
My epiphany on this at Georgetown.
I won't have the wealth of stories in this course that I can have in Modern America, for instance.

Who are the BRICs?

Where did the acronym BRIC originate ? (New York Times Topics)

Reaction #1: 13 September (World Cup and Olympics)

Kaka and Christianity

An American Chases a Soccer Dream All the Way to Brazil (New York Times)

Playing Soccer in Brazil (Slide Show)

Neymar, Soccer Prodigy, Is at Home in Brazil (New York Times)

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
[Use the map as a guide for our later study of the various cities in Brazil]

Brazil 2014 World Cup preparations on track say organizers (BBC News)

Rio 2016 Olympics and how well Brazil is prepared for it

Reaction #2: 18 September (Research Sources)

Brazil Institute (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars)

Brazil Institute blog: Brazil portal

Global Brazil Initiative (Council on Foreign Relations)

Country Studies: Brazil (Library of Congress)

Brazil Bibliography (Library of Congress)

U.S. State Department Fact Sheet: Brazil

U.S. State Department Background Notes: Brazil

U.S. Embassy in Brazil: Newsletter

Researching Brazil (Indiana University)

U.S. news sources:

Brazil (New York Times Topics)

Country Guide: Brazil (Washington Post)

British news sources:

Brazil (Economist)
Pass around hard copy of an issue of the Economist

Country Profile: Brazil (BBC News)

Brazil (Reuters)

Brazil (Telegraph)

Brazil (Guardian)

Reaction #3: 20 September (Cross-cultural communication)

Cultural Crossing: Brazil (click on each one of the subparts)

Brazil- Cultural Etiquette - e Diplomat

The Problem of Proxemics (How Close to Stand)

It's Evident (Facts are not always Facts)

Pandora's Box: Gifts Carry Hidden Meanings in Other Cultures

Bite the Wax Tadpole: Translation Blunders


Gestures or Subtle Cues

Mimic Local Customs to Make a Good First Impression

Reaction #4: 25 September (Brazil Pictorial overview)

Go through each one of the following and select 5 specific photos from each collection that you feel our class should concentrate on. Why did you pick each one?:

Brazil: 2012 (Boston Globe Photo Blog)

Brazil (Alan Taylor in The Atlantic: In Focus)

Brazil Scenes (46 photos) (Lonely Planet)$26006-4

Rio Scenes (32 Photos) (Lonely Planet)

Reaction #5: 27 September (Brazil Map Study: Neighbors, Country, States)

Latin America in general

States of Brazil

Amazon River map

List of Rivers by length

Central America


Countries bordering only one other country

List of countries by land (and maritime) borders

Venezuela (capital: Caracas)

Columbia (capital: Bogota)

Ecuador (capital: Quito)

Peru (capital: Lima)

Bolivia (capitals: La Paz, Sucre)

Chile (capital: Santiago)

Argentina (capital: Buenos Aires)

Reaction #6: 2 October (Brazil Map Study: Brazilian Cities)

Rio de Janeiro
Pick several articles from this overview page

Rio Map

Introduction to Rio
Organized tours
Neighborhoods Worth a Visit
Suggested Itineraries

Song: Girl from Ipanema
The Girl From Ipanema Turns 50

Maracana Soccer Stadium

Rio (Wikitravel)
[Beside the Intro paragraphs, check out the sections entitled Understand, See, Do, Buy, Eat, Drink, Sleep]


Brasilia (Wikitravel)
[Beside the Intro paragraphs, check out the sections entitled Understand, See, Do, Buy, Eat, Drink, Sleep]

BBC News - In pictures: Brasilia's bold buildings

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo (Wikitravel)
[Beside the Intro paragraphs, check out the sections entitled Understand, See, Do, Buy, Eat, Drink, Sleep]

BBC News - Sao Paulo: A city with 180km traffic jams


Salvador (Wikitravel)
[Beside the Intro paragraphs, check out the sections entitled Understand, See, Do, Buy, Eat, Drink, Sleep]

Reaction #7: 4 October (Carnival)

Brazil's Top 10 Carnivals (Lonely Planet)

Rio Carnival 2013 Guide

Brazil Carnival 2012 (Sacramento Bee Photo Blog)
Pictures are not numbered

Carnival 2012 (Boston Globe Photo Blog)

Brazilian Carnival

Everything is Possible: Street Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Samba Parade


Samba School

Samba Schools

Samba School in Los Angeles

Samba Songs


Brazil History (4 class sessions)

Reaction #8: Portuguese Exploration

When Portugal Ruled the Seas (Smithsonian)

Encompassing the Globe: Portugal and the World in the 16th and 17th Centuries (Smithsonian)
Work through each section at the top of the screen: Introduction, Age of Discovery, Indian Ocean, Africa, China, Japan, Brazil

The Atlantic Islands

Sea Route to India

Reaction #9 (Portuguese expansion/Discovery of Brazil)

1) Born in Blood and Fire: A Concise History of Latin America (Norton)
Concentrate on the first paragraph

2) The Treaty of Tordesillas (1494)

3) Vasco Da Gama (BBC History)

4) Pedro Cabral

5) City Study: Fortaleza, Natal, and Recife

Brazil map [Where are Fortaleza, Natal, and Recife located?]

[For each city, read the Intro paragraphs as well as the sections entitled Understand, See, Do, Buy, Eat]

a) Fortaleza

b) Natal

c) Recife

Reaction #10: 16 October (History of Brazil)

The Colonial Period (1500-1815)

Colonial Brazil

Colonial Period (US and Brazil exhibition, Library of Congress)

Jesuit Missions

The Mission: The Film and Its Music


Slavery (US and Brazil exhibition, Library of Congress)

Palmares and Slave Resistance (US and Brazil exhibition, Library of Congress)

City study:

Brazil map [Where are Belo Horizonte and Ouro Preto located?]

[For each city, read the Intro paragraphs and the sections entitled Understand, See, Do, Buy, Eat]

Belo Horizonte

Ouro Preto

Reaction #11: 18 October (History of Brazil)

The Movement for Independence (1807-1825)

Napoleon invaded Portugal in 1807
[Events have consequences, sometimes unintended] [compare to German invasions in WWII and the effect on colonies of Britain, Dutch, and French]

Why Was Brazil Different? The Contexts of Independence (Council on Foreign Relations)
Read just the introductory paragraph

The Movement for Independence (US and Brazil exhibition, Library of Congress) (Library of Congress)

"Independence or Death" (US and Brazil exhibition, Library of Congress)

Thomas Jefferson's Letters on Brazilian Independence (US and Brazil exhibition, Library of Congress)

The Imperial Period

The Imperial Period (US and Brazil exhibition, Library of Congress)
Focus particularly on the end of slavery

Military Rule (1964-1985)

Brazilian Military Government (1964-1985)
Read the first 4 paragraphs (down to "Contents")

City Study:

Brazil map [Where are Florianopolis and Porto Alegre located?]

[For each city, read the Intro paragraphs and the sections entitled Understand, See, Do, Buy, Eat]


Porto Alegre

Reaction #12: 23 October (Racial Issues in today's Brazil)

Racial Issues

PBS Wide Angle: Brazil in Black and White

Full Episode: Brazil: A Racial Paradise?
Great issues raised in the comments section

BBC Delves into Brazilians' Roots (BBC)

Race in Brazil: Affirming a divide (Economist)

Brazil's Racial Identity Challenge - Room for Debate (New York Times)

Reaction #13: 25 October (Crime/Drug War)


Organized Crime in Brazil (Economist)

Rio's drug war (The Big Picture, Boston Globe)

Batman helps police tackle crime in Brazil (Telegraph)

Brazil Prisoners Reading Books to Shorten Their Sentences (Telegraph)

Inmates Pedal for Shorter Sentences in a Brazilian Prison (BBC)

Taking on the toga-wearing bandits in Brazil's courts (Reuters)

Reaction #14: 30 October (Immigration/Border Issues)

Brazilian Immigration to the United States/and Return

Now hiring: Brazil wants more foreign professionals (Reuters)

Why Is Your Boss Moving to Brazil? (TIME),8599,2106062,00.html

Homeland beckons for UK's Brazilians (BBC)

Brazil's Economic Boom Drawing Immigrant Workers Home (Los Angeles Times)

Brazilians Giving Up Their American Dream (New York Times)

A Dangerous Journey for Brazil's Illegal Migrants (Der Spiegel)

Brazil's Border Issues

Special Report:

Article: Brazil's gringo problem: its borders (Reuters)

Slide Show: Brazil's gringo problem: its borders (Reuters)

Interactive: Brazil's gringo problem: its borders (Reuters)

Reaction #15: 1 November (Religion)

Religion in Brazil



Brazil's Catholic Priests Use Song and Dance To Stem Catholic Church's Decline (Washington Post)

How the Catholic church is faring in the world’s biggest Catholic country (Economist)

Dutch soccer player [Wesley Sneijder] who scored winning goal against Brazil [in 2010 World Cup] is Catholic convert (Catholic News Agency)


Evangelical Population Explodes in Brazil as Catholic Church Shows Signs of Decline (Christian Post)

Rising Protestant tide sweeps Catholic Brazil [this is good] (Reuters)

Reaction #16: 6 November (Religion)


Half of Brazil's Population to be Evangelical Christian by 2020 (Christian Post)

Brazil's Evangelicals Make Voting Bloc Debut (Christianity Today)

Brazil evangelical Christians hold huge Sao Paulo rally (BBC News)

Jesus March in Brazil (Christianity Today)

YWAM Youth with a Mission Brazil

Assemblies of God in Brazil

Brazilian evangelicals will be ready when nation hosts 2014 World Cup (Christianity Today)

'Keep God out of football' - Fifa tells Brazil's soccer superstars (Daily Mail)

Brazil Becomes Second-Largest Christian Missionary Exporter in the World (Christian Post)

One-in-Twelve Christians in the World Are Brazilian, Study Says (Christian Post)

20,000 Brazilians Gather for Huge Gospel Music Festival (Christian Post)

Reaction #17: 8 November (Education)

18 Things to Know about Education in Brazil

How a Scottish school blogger helped reform a Brazilian school (BBC)

Booming Brazil held back by education gap (BBC News)

University Race Quotes Row in Brazil (BBC)

Brazil Enacts Affirmative Action Law for Universities (New York Times)

Higher education in Brazil: The mortarboard boom (Economist)

Education in Brazil: Studying the World (Economist)

Brazil: Federal higher education at risk (Inside Higher Ed)

A Two-Step Invasion of Brazilian Energy [Forro dancing] (New York Times)

Kleber Mendonça Filho Directs ‘Neighboring Sounds’ (New York Times)


Reaction #18: 13 November (Politics: Lula administration)

Lula Administration

Lula Profile (BBC News)

In Brazil’s Trial of the Century, Lula’s Reputation Is at Stake (Newsweek)

In Brazil, An Ex-President Makes an Unhappy Return to the Spotlight (TIME),8599,2116194,00.html

What Lula Did Next (Economist)

Q & A: Brazil's Corruption Trial (BBC News)

Brazil absorbs revelations that its nasty past isn’t so bygone (Brazil portal)

Brazil's truth commission faces delicate task (BBC)
[Do more with this whole reconciliation issue]

Brazil to charge army officer over military rule abuses (BBC News)

Reaction #19: 15 November (Politics: Rousseff administration)

Rousseff Administration
Read only the following sections:

Dilma Rouseff profile (BBC News)

Brazilian Politics: Dilma Rousseff Coming Into Her Own (Economist)

Brazil's Dilma Rousseff steers a steady course (BBC News)

Power Woman Dilma Rousseff: Brazil's Entrepreneur-In-Chief (Forbes)

President Rousseff’s Decades-Old Torture Detailed (New York Times)

Brazil's 2010 Election

U.S.-Brazil Relations

Reaction #20: 20 November (U.S.-Brazil relations)
Virtual Class [750 words]

Inter-American Discord: Brazil and the United States

No Reaction Due: 22 November Thursday (Thanksgiving)

Reaction #21: 27 November (U.S.-Brazil relations)

Brazil and the United States: From Dependency to Equality

U.S. State Department Background Notes: U. S. Relations with Brazil

Brazilian-American Relations: One Step at a Time (Economist)

What Brazil wants from White House visit: dinner (Reuters)

Why U.S. and Brazil Should Take Each Other More Seriously (TIME)

Airplanes and Mind Games; Analyzing Recent Events in Brazilian-U.S. Security Relations (Brazil portal)

Global Brazil and U.S.-Brazil Relations (Council on Foreign Relations)

Brazil articles (Council on Foreign Relations)

Brazil on the International Stage (Council on Foreign Relations)

Making Room for Brazil's Growing Clout (Council on Foreign Relations)

Reaction #22: 29 November (Brazil's relations with other countries)

Brazil's Foreign Relations (with other countries/areas of the world besides the United States)

Brazil after Carnaval [good overview] (Brazil portal)

Mercosur: BBC News Profile

Mercosur Trade Bloc Admits Venezuela as Full Member (New York Times)

Brazil's Trade Policy: Seeking Protectionism (Economist)
China has become Brazil’s biggest economic partner—and its most difficult one

China’s State Grid buys Brazil power lines for $936 million (Brazil portal)

Why Iran Covets Brazil (Weekly Standard)

Iranians' Anger at Ahmadinejad over Brazilian Snubs (Telegraph)

Brazil: Middle East Economic Policy Under the Radar

Brazil Gains in Reaching out to Africa (New York Times)


Reaction #23: 4 December (Economy)

Reaction #24: 6 December (Economy)

Analysis: Brazil's Rousseff boldly shuns base, embraces business (Reuters)

Bill Clinton: Brazil No. 1 among rising economies (Reuters)

Brazil strikes headache for President Dilma Rousseff (BBC)

Brazil Opens Road to Privatization (Forbes)

Brazil and China Sign Trade Agreements (New York Times)

China and Brazil sign 30billion Bilateral Deal (Guardian)

The B in BRICS: The Brazil Backlash (Economist)
Its strengths are real, but the government should worry more about its weaknesses

Weak Economy Pushes Brazil To Protectionism (Forbes)

Brazil’s economy: A bull diminished (Economist)
The economy has slowed, but there are still opportunities around

Brazil Combats Slowdown With Even More Stimulus (New York Times)

Eike Batista: The salesman of Brazil (Economist)

Brazil’s Rush to Develop Hydroelectric Power Brings Unrest -