Dirty War
Read down through and including the section "Origin of the Term"

The Catholic Church & Argentina's Dirty War

The Peronist Roots of Pope Francis’ Politics


To Save Dan Mitrione, Nixon Administration Urged Death Threats for Uruguayan Prisoners


How Paraguay's Archive of Terror put Operation Condor in focus

Alfredo Stroessner obituary (Paraguay)


Guatemalan Civil War (1960-1996)
Read the first four introductory paragraphs

Healing Guatemala's emotional scars from the civil war
[Former nurse with the guerrillas]

Guerrilla Army of the Poor (Guatemala)

One way in urban areas
Another way in the country-side

School of the Americas (Panama >> Fort Benning)

Operation Charly

Military rule threatens Mayans

Liberation theology:

Catholic Church generally against atheism of Communists
But: local priests associated with liberation theology worked with lefties
"Kill a priest, kill a communist"

What is liberation theology?

Christian base communities

Rigoberta Menchú and the Story of All Poor Guatemalans

Latin Americs's New Gospel (Rios Montt)

Did war change Guatemala's faith?

The secret's in Guatemala's bones

Assassination of Bishop Juan José Gerardi (26 April 1998)
(Guatemala Human Rights Commission)


Video: El Salvador in the 1980's (7:16)
Section from CNN Cold War film

Video: Jon Snow: Reports from the El Salvador civil war (9:31)

El Salvador Civil War (Center for Justice and Accountability)

Dirty Hands (U.S. Policy in El Salvador) [2 part article

Key Incidents:

1. Archbishop Oscar Romero's murder (24 March 1980)

Video: Bishop Oscar Romero assassination and funeral

Romero beatification opens old wounds in El Salvador

2. Murder of 4 American Catholic Maryknoll women (1 December 1980)

Video: Death of churchwomen in El Salvador

How One American Diplomat Solved the Case of the Murdered Churchwomen in El Salvador

3. El Mozote massacre (11 December 1981)

Video: El Mozote

'Something Horrible' in El Salvador

4. Jesuit murders in El Salvador (18 November 1989)

Video: Jesuit murders

How One American Diplomat Solved the Case of the Murdered Churchwomen in El Salvador

25th Anniversary of El Salvador Jesuit Murders


In Central America, Reagan Remains A Polarizing Figure
[Read both links]

Augosto César Sandino

Chamorro, Prize-Winning Editor Is Shot Dead In Nicaragua (1978)

President Jimmy Carter's approach to Nicaragua

Role of John Negroponte (Honduras)
[Only read the part entitled "Ambassador to Honduras (1981-1985)]

Honduras (Center for Justice and Accountability)

Reagan endorses CIA support of Nicaraguan Contras

Iran-Contra Affair: Sandinistas

Iran-Control scandal breaks

Iran-Contra Affair: US support for the Contras

President Ronald Reagan's approach to Nicaragua

Room for Debate: Human rights trials strengthen the rule of law