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Jimmy Carter bio

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Campaign commercials

Tempers Flare In Lines for Gasoline in 1979

Camp David Accords

Sam Donaldson on Jimmy Carter and the Camp David Accords

Ronald Reagan on The Misery Index

1980 — The Carter Doctrine announced

The Iranian Revolution: Why It Still Matters Decades Later

The Revolution That Led to the Iran We Know Today (WSJ)

Iran Hostage rap

The 1980 Moscow Olympics Boycott | Flashback | NBC News

Ask President Carter: How can students advance human rights? (Carter Center)

Election of 1976

Carter took advantage of the reaction against Watergate to defeat Gerald Ford (New York Times)

Campaign Commercials (Living Room Candidate)

Camp David Agreements (1978)

Camp David Accords (1978) (Milestone Documents)

Camp David Peace Treaty 1979 [great front page picture] (New York Times)

Peace Talks at Camp David (American Experience)

Camp David (Presidential retreat in Maryland)

Obama Commemorates Camp David Accords 30th Anniversary (Washington Post)

March 26, 1979 | Israel and Egypt Sign Peace Treaty (New York Times)

Finding Dulcinea: On This Day: Sadat and Begin Sign Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty

Iran Hostage Crisis (1979)

On this day in history, 24 April 1980, the Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission ended in disaster

U.S. permitted deposed Shah to come to the U.S. for cancer treatment.
Iranian Muslim fundamentalists took members of U.S. embassy hostage

Read these articles for context:

The Iran Hostage Crisis—Part I
The Iran Hostage Crisis—Part II
Tie a Yellow Ribbon — The Iran Hostage Crisis as Seen from the Home Front

CIA-assisted coup overthrows government of Iran ( This Day in History | 8/19/1953)

CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup

Finding Dulcinea: On This Day: Ayatollah Khomeini Returns From Exile

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, 89, the Unwavering Iranian Spiritual Leade

Two Weeks in January: America's secret engagement with Khomeini

[Jimmy Carter presidency]

Ousted shah of Iran dies in exile ( This Day in History | 7/27/1980)

Finding Dulcinea: On This Day: Iran Hostage Crisis Begins

Remembering the Iran Hostage Crisis (BBC report)

In pictures: Iran hostage crisis (BBC News)

A Review of US Presidents’ Policies Towards Iran (Finding Dulcinea)

Syria could turn out to be Obama's Tehran hostage crisis (Telegraph)

Unsuccessful US rescue attempt of Iranian Hostages

Personal Account

Operation Eagle Claw

The Desert One Debacle (The Atlantic)

Hostages released on Reagan's inauguration (January 20, 1981)

Human Rights

Basis of Carter's foreign policy.

He was accused of a double standard:

Critical of Soviet Union, Argentina, and Chile

Willing to tolerate U.S. allies (South Korea, the Shah's Iran, Philippines).

Panama Canal Treaty (1977)

Panama Canal Treaty (Today in History, Library of Congress)

Treaty passed Senate by only one vote.

U.S. gave Canal Zone back to Panama on 12/31/99.

The Panama Canal Zone

Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979-1988)

Carter Doctrine (1979)

U.S. would defend the Persian Gulf militarily from any Soviet invasion: Afghanistan

U.S. boycott of 1980 Olympic Games

Olympic Boycott, 1980 (Historian of the State Department)

1979 Energy Crisis

Jimmy Carter's Proposed Energy Policy (American Experience)

Three Mile Island Nuclear Meltdown

Three Mile Island: Jimmy Carter's Experience with Things Nuclear (American Experience)

March 28, 1979 | Nuclear Accident Occurs at Three Mile Island Plant (New York Times)

Carter lost the 1980 election to Ronald Reagan

Campaign commercials (Living Room Candidate)

Assessment of Carter Presidency

Everything—domestically as well as internationally—seemed to go against him. He is a fantastic ex–president.


Nobel Peace Prize winner

Habitat for Humanity

Campaign against Guinea Worm disease (American Experience)