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September 1964 Chile: Eduardo Frei, supported by US, defeats Salvador Allende, in the Presidential election

The price of power
Nixon, Kissinger, Frei government in Chile

September 1970 Chile: Salvador Allende wins a plurality of votes for President

15 September 1970 Chile: US starts Project FUBELT to block Allende from Presidency

22 October 1970 Chile: General Rene Schneider assassinated by Chilean military

24 October 1970 Chile: Chilean legislature ratifies election results>>Allende is installed as President
The Allende Years and the Pinochet Coup, 1969–1973 - Milestones: Office of the Historian

9 November 1970 Chile: US policy paper NSDM 93>>US hostility to Allende

Allende is President from 1970-1973

March 1973 Chile: Allende's Unidad Popular political party gains legislative seats

August 1973 Chile: Chilean truckers strike.

11 September 1973 Chile: Chilean military (led by Augusto Pinochet) overthrows Allende, who commits suicide.

24 September 1973 Chile: US grants diplomatic recognition to Pinochet government.
Pinochet will rule Chile for the next 17 years

September 1974 Chile: Chilean General Carlos Prats and wife are assassinated in Argentina by Chilean agents

November 1975 Chile: Operation Condor (a form of state-sponsored international terrorism).
Military dictators in Southern Cone countries will hunt down political leftists wherever they are in exile.

June 1976 Chile: Kissinger meets in Santiago with Pinochet assuring him of US backing. Kissinger delivers a speech defending human rights.

September 1976 Chile: Orlando Letelier, former Chilean Ambassador to US, is assassinated in Washington, D.C. by Chilean agents.

Salvador Allende

Ties to Cuba
Presidential candidate
US tries to prevent his election
Fear that Chile would become a second Cuba
CIA activities
Nixon and Kissinger attitudes

Salvador Allende

Presidency of Salvador Allende

Cuba maneuverings
Fidel Castro's state visit to Chile during Allende's time in office (1971)

US intervention in Chile

Project FUBELT

Allende in Presidency (1970-1973)

++++ The Allende Years and the Pinochet Coup, 1969–1973

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US maneuverings

Chile Documentation Project

Pinochet: A Declassified Documentary Obit
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ITT and Harold Geneen

The North-South Dialogue and Economic Diplomacy - Milestones: Office of the Historian

I.T.T. Is Accused of Having Tried to Influence U.S. Policies in Latin America

Military Government
Augosto Pinochet

Augusto Pinochet

1973 Chilean coup d'étatétat

Military dictatorship of Chile (1973-1990)–90)

Peter Kornbluh
The U.S. and the Overthrow of the Chilean Government: A Declassified Dossier (2003)

Military repression under Pinochet

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Chile's Coup Against Salvador Allende and the Truth Behind "Missing"
(Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training)

Caravan of Death (Chile)

Operation Condor

Letelier assassination


Freedom songs: Chile’s sounds of resistance ring out again

Daughters of Chile's bloody past to clash over their country's future | World news | The Guardian