Bill Clinton
Miller Center (University of Virginia)
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Clinton Years (FRONTLINE) [use material from here throughout this module]
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Bill Clinton bio

Miller Center

Campaign commercials

Giant Sucking Sound - Ross Perot 1992 Presidential Debate

Inside the Real Black Hawk Down | No Man Left Behind

The Death of Yugoslavia 1990


Election of 1992

Summary of 1992 presidential election (Miller Center, University of Virginia)

1. Republican George H.W. Bush (Bush #41). Incumbent President
Seemed to lack the "vision thing."
Faulted for concentrating on foreign policy.

2. Democrat Bill Clinton. Arkansas governor. "New democrat." More toward center.
Democrats countered: "it's the economy, stupid."

3. Ross Perot. Texas billionaire led a third–party bid.
Google Images of Ross Perot

4. Clinton won electoral college (with only 43% of popular vote)

Campaign commercials website (Living Room Candidate)

Somalia ("Black Hawk Down") 1993

Ambush in Mogadishu (FRONTLINE)
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Interviews with Rangers on the Black Hawk Down mission

Critical analysis of Task Force Ranger (National Security Archive)

How a US Marine became leader of Somalia

1994 Congressional elections

Campaign and election of 1994 (Miller Center, University of Virginia)

Republicans won both houses of Congress for the first time since 1954.

Newt Gingrich became the outspoken/controversial House Speaker.

Republicans offered a "Contract with America": a list of reforms to be passed during the first One Hundred Days.

Government Shutdown

Congressional Republicans shut down government over balanced budget

They were seen by many as ideologically inflexible.

Presidential Election of 1996

Summary of 1996 presidential election (Miller Center, University of Virginia)

President Clinton seen as reasonable and moderate
Protector of certain federal programs that Congress attacked.
Gained support of women, who benefited from such programs.

Campaign commercials (Living Room Candidate)

War in Europe: Kosovo

War In Europe | FRONTLINE | PBS

Balkans War: a brief guide

20 Years Since the Bosnian War (In Focus: photos selected by Alan Taylor in The Atlantic magazine)

NATO Chief Sees Parallels Between Syria and Balkans (New York Times)

The Breakup of Yugoslavia/Civil War in Bosnia

Map: Ethnic groups in the former Yugoslavia, 1992

Impeachment attempted over the Monica Lewinsky affair

Finding Dulcinea: On This Day: President Clinton Admits to Affair With Monica Lewinsky

Finding Dulcinea: On This Day: Senate Opens Hearings on the Impeachment of President Clinton

Impeachment summary (Washington Post)

Impeachment summary (BBC News)

Clinton Impeachment (Famous Trials)
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Bill Clinton legacy

"Breathtakingly bright but capable of doing really dumb things."

What do you think his legacy will be?

Hillary Clinton's present and future role.