CNN Cold War

1. Comrades

2. Iron Curtain

3. Marshall Plan

4. Berlin

5. Korea

6. Reds

7. After Stalin

8. Sputnik

9. The Wall

10. Cuba

11. Vietnam

12. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

13. Make love not war

14. Red Spring

15. China

16. Détente

17. Good guys, bad guys

18. Backyard

19. Freeze

20. Soldiers of God

21. Spies

22. Star Wars

23. The wall comes down

24. Conclusions


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Note that subject searching isn't always straigtforward. Try a KEYWORDS ANYWHERE search to find a few relevant titles, for example: argentina and dirty war.
Then click on the subject headings on those records to conduct a more comprehensive subject search.

Example of subject searches on the Argentina's dirty war:
Argentina - History - Dirty War, 1976-1983
Argentina - History - Dirty War, 1976-1983 - Religious aspects - Catholic Church
Argentina - Military policy - 20th century
Antisemitism - Argentina - History - 20th century
Church and state - Argentina - History - 20th century
Disappeared persons - Argentina - History
Fascism - Argentina - History - 20th century
Human rights - Argentina - History - 20th century
National socialism - Moral and ethical aspects - Argentina
Political culture - Argentina - History - 20th century
Political persecution - Argentina - History - 20th century
Political violence - Argentina - History - 20th century
State-sponsored terrorism - Argentina - History - 20th century
Terrorism - Argentina-- History

As you search in the online catalog, watch for the words "personal narratives," "diaries,"
"interviews," "correspondence," "pamphlets," and "sources" as part of the subject headings; these
may point you to published primary sources in the library collections.

You can also search for these words, for example, "el salvador" and "civil war" and ( sources or correspondence or diaries or interviews or pamphlets or personal narratives )

Other clues may be buried in the title, authorship, date of publication, etc


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When the mountains tremble (Guatemala)

Granito de arena: Cómo Atrapar a un Dictador (Rios Montt--Guatemala)

Professor Stephen Rabe on U.S. Interventions in Cold War Latin America

Gilbert Joseph: In from the Cold: Latin America's New Encounter with the Cold War

Screening of Documentary, "Argentina's Dirty War and the U.S. (1976-83)"

The U.S. and the Overthrow of the Chilean Government: A Declassified Dossier (2003)

Cuban Revolution (Fidel Castro Raul Castro Che Guevara)

'Harvest of Empire' Exposes the Reality of Immigration- Full Movie

ADST reader: Human Rights in Latin America

Dean Peter Krogh Foreign Affairs Digital Archives

Crisis in Central America : a conversation with Vernon Walters

Book review: Hal Brands: Latin America's Cold War

A century of revolution: insurgent and counter-insurgent violence during Latin America's long
Cold War: Cold War History: Vol 11, No 3

NSA Electronic Briefing Books: Latin America

Latin American Boom
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Google search term: CIA library electronic reading room

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LibWeb Library WWW Servers - World Libraries Online

Libraries in Latin America - LANIC

South America - National Library Catalogs - San José State University Library Research Guide

Syllabus: Cold War in Latina America
Professor Renata Keller (Boston University)

Ten Cold War Novels Worth Reading | Council on Foreign Relations

Cold War International History Project (Wilson Center)

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Human Rights in Latin America (ADST)

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Inside the Company: CIA Diary: Philip Agee

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About | Espionage History Archive

Cold War History journal

Bulletin of Latin American Research - Wiley Online Library

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Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History

Oxford Bibliographies:

Oxford Bibliographies online
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Reference Sources for Latin America--LibGuides at Yale University
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US-Latin-American relations during the Cold War

Guerrilla Insurgencies in Latin America

Military Government in Latin America, 1959–1990 - Latin American Studies - Oxford Bibliographies

International Law and Wars of National Liberation - Oxford Bibliographies

Protestantism in Latin America - Latin American Studies - Oxford Bibliographies