US vs Soviets wiki page
Use for all the Cold War materials

Panama Canal construction

Need good videos on each one of the revolutions we discuss

Agency in these countries
Much of what they did was for their own political purposes

Consider one pagers due on Tuesday of each week

Operation Condor: A Latin American alliance that led to disappearances and death

Jorge Rafael Videla (Argentina)

Juan María Bordaberry (Uruguay)

The U.S. and the Overthrow of the Chilean Government: A Declassified Dossier (2003)

Screening of Documentary, "Argentina's Dirty War and the U.S. (1976-83)
UNC-Chapel Hill

Cuban Revolution (Fidel Castro Raul Castro Che Guevara)
Use one entire class session to show this

El Salvador in the 1980's
Section from CNN Cold War film

Jon Snow: Reports from the El Salvador civil war

Commission of Inquiry: Brazil | United States Institute of Peace

Religion and Politics in 20th Century Central America - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin
American History

Religion and Politics in 20th Century Central America - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin
American History

Alliance for Progress - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History

Political Violence and the Left in Latin America, 1967–1979 - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of
Latin American History

Salvador Allende - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History

U.S. Foreign Policy toward Latin America in the 19th Century - Oxford Research Encyclopedia
of Latin American History

Wars of Spanish-American Independence - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History

The Spanish-American War, 1898 - Milestones: Office of the Historian

Building the Panama Canal, 1903–1914 - Milestones: Office of the Historian

Bandung Conference--Milestones: Office of the Historian

Bay of Pigs--Milestones: Office of the Historian

Cuban Missile Crisis--Milestones: Office of the Historian

The Allende Years and the Pinochet Coup, 1969–1973 - Milestones: Office of the Historian

Jimmy Carter and Human Rights, 1977-1981--Milestones: Office of the Historian

Crisis in the South Atlantic: The Reagan Administration and the Anglo-Argentine War of 1982 -
Milestones: Office of the Historian

I was named after a World War One battle

Historiography of Colonial Spanish America

Peninsular War

La Matanza: 1932 Salvadoran peasant massacre

Atlacatl (El Salvador)

History of Panama (1964–77

Latin American literary trends

Argentine Military Believed U.S. Gave Go-ahead for Dirty War

Video: Peronism
Use this

Jacobo Timerman (Argentina)

Rousseff in tears as Brazilian report details junta’s killings and torture

Developing nations problems
Use my template

++++The long history of the U.S. interfering with elections elsewhere

Tell every class my story about self learning soph year at GU
Show how I dig into new learning

Biography videos of key US people: presidents, Kissinger, etc
Plus do they have bios on the major Latin American players

Mary Grams--who from these countries

Importance of our laptops: the whole world at the tips of our fingers.

For each country a virtual field trip to the National Museum of History and to the National Library.

There's a website I used in the past with links to National Libraries.

While in the National Library virtual trip, go to the catalog and search under "Guerra Fria, Guerra Sucia,
Operación Cóndor."


Map in color to give students
Map in blank to use for tests
Ask Chuck for advice

Google Earth>get back into it

Map: Central America

Map: Central America and the Caribbean

Map: South America

Relief maps
Where are the mountain ranges

Andes mountains

Latin American flags

Capital Cities:

Capital cities>>other major cities
Bottom up exercise;
Recite the countries from Venezuela to Brazil, then Uruguay north

Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Paraguay (Asunción)
Uruguay (Montevideo)
Brazil (Brasilia, S?o Paolo)
Chile (Santiago)
Peru (Lima)
Bolivia (La Paz, Sucre)
Ecuador (Quito)
Venezuela (Caracas)
Colombia (Bogotá)
Panama (Panama City)
Costa Rica (San José)
Nicaragua (Managua)
El Salvador (San Salvador)
Honduras (Tegucigalpa))
Guatemala (Guatemala City)
Mexico (Mexico City)
Cuba (Havana)
Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)
Grenada (Saint George's)

Country profiles
Maybe have student groups put together a collage on each one
What restaurants around here
Famous people (movie stars, writers, athletes, singers)
Soccer stars for each country in Europe

Music of Latin America

Latin American Cuisine

17 Foods From Latin America

Top Dishes in Latin American Cuisine | Top Universities

Central American music

Films depicting Latin American military dictatorships


Major events:
1954 Guatemala

1959 Cuba--Castro overthrows Batista
Bay of Pigs
Cuban Missile Crisis

Che Guevara doctrine: focos
Che Guevara mythology

Vietnam war ongoing

Brazil 1964 military seizes power

1965 US invades Dominican Republic

1965 LBJ doctrine

1969 Nixon-Kissinger
Henry Kissinger will not apologize

1974 Watergate: Nixon resigns the Presidency

Chile--1970 Allende wins presidency

Uruguay 1973 military takes power

Chile--1973 Pinochet takes power

1975 Operation Condor
Chile--1976 Orlando Letelier assassination on US soil

Argentina: 1976 Dirty War

Jimmy Carter January 1977 (human rights emphasis)

Nicaragua--July 1979 Sandinistas take power
Nicaragua--Contras versus Sandinistas

Honduras--role in contras war and other US operations

January 1981 Reagan takes over

El Salvador--1980 Archbishop Romero
El Salvador--December 1980 4 US nuns
El Salvador--November 1981 El Mozote

1982 Boland amendment

Guatemala: 1982 Operation Sofia and Reagan defends Rios Montt

Argentina: Operation Charly (Argentine method used in Central America) started in 1979

Argentina 1982: Falkland Islands/Malvinas

October 1983 Grenada

Reagan Doctrine, 1985

Nicaragua stuff

November 1986 Iran-Contra