Tell every class my story about self learning soph year at GU
Show how I dig into new learning


Google Earth for iPad

Map in color to give students
Map in blank to use for tests
Ask Chuck for advice

Map: Central America and the Caribbean

Map: South America

Relief maps
Where are the mountain ranges

Andes mountains

Latin American flags

Capital Cities:

Capital cities>>other major cities
Bottom up exercise;
Recite the countries from Venezuela to Brazil, then Uruguay north

Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Paraguay (Asunción)
Uruguay (Montevideo)
Brazil (Brasilia, São Paolo)
Chile (Santiago)
Peru (Lima)
Bolivia (La Paz, Sucre)
Ecuador (Quito)
Venezuela (Caracas)
Colombia (Bogotá)
Panama (Panama City)
Costa Rica (San José)
Nicaragua (Managua)
El Salvador (San Salvador)
Honduras (Tegucigalpa))
Guatemala (Guatemala City)
Mexico (Mexico City)

Cuba (Havana)
Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)

I Led Three Lives episodes
Use at beginning of each class session

Country profiles
Maybe have student groups put together a collage on each one
What restaurants around here
Famous people (movie stars, writers, athletes, singers)
Soccer stars for each country in Europe

Music of Latin America

Latin American Cuisine

17 Foods From Latin America

Top Dishes in Latin American Cuisine | Top Universities

Central American music

Films depicting Latin American military dictatorships

Latin Dance

Types of Latin dances
Has video clips built into article
Use this for sure

Latin Dance

Cha-cha-cha (Cuba)
Good external links

Bryan Watson and Carmen with basic chacha

Yale Comp 2009 Gold International Cha Cha Final





This is an amazingly detailed article!

Virtual field trips
This won't be terribly fruitful
Put on both CW Sources page and specific country page

National Library

Argentina Research Network UK

National Museum of History


National Museum of History


National Library

National Museum of History


National Library

National Museum of the Revolution


National Library


National Library

National Museum of History


National Library

National Museum of History