In urban areas
In country-side

MAAG usually Special Forces
Vietnam veterans
Special Forces
Office of Public Safety (Thru USAID, but CIA)

John Longan, Office of Public Safety, re: Guatemala

Death squads



School for the Americas


Argentina Operation Charly
Urban counterinsurgency

Battle of Algiers (1956–57)

David Galula: Pacification in Algeria, 1956-1958

David Galula

Military rule threatans Mayans

Model villages in the Ixil region

Guatemala: my GU strategic hamlets term paper experience

Guatemala builds strategic hamlets

Communist threat: how important to the insurgency

US response
Put Domino Theory along with Eisenhower in the timeline
Domino theory
Ike's speech on it

Domino Theory

From Vietnam to Iraq; The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Domino Theory

A lot of this is under El Salvador, etc.

Use of disappearance
Phoenix Program: model or replication
Iraq: prison a university for radicals, better to kill them

School of the Americas: profile
This is good

French experience in Algeria
Battle of Algiers
Urban area–57)

David Galula

Roger Trinquier

School of the Americas
Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation

School of the Dictators

Forced Disappearance

US experience in Vietnam
Strategic Hamlets

Phoenix Program in Vietnam

Office of Public Safety thru USAID a CIA front

Army Foreign Intelligence Assistance Program
[one part of the program was Project X]

Office of Public Safety 1962 Latin America

Argentina: Operation Charly

Israel in Central America | Middle East Research and Information Project
success against the Palestine Liberation Movement in Lebanon