Movie: In the time of the butterflies

I have plowed through a lot of possibilities. Here is what I think would work.

1. Rafael Trujillo
Sometimes, I feel the Wikipedia biographical articles are as effective as anything else I can find.

2. "In the Time of the Butterflies”

FYI: The National Endowment for the Humanities website has wonderful lesson plans for our
use as teachers. Here is a pertinent one for us: Courage “In the Time of the Butterflies” |

From this lesson plan, I would assign the following two links for students to read prior to class:

a. Background Notes

b. Extension to background notes

3. Julia Alvarez herself

Students could watch all (or at least part) of this interview to get a sense of her as a person:
Interview: 2009 F. Scott Fitzgerald Award Honoree (27 minutes)

We can talk more later face-to-face. I want to meet your needs.

Take care.


On Mar 13, 2017, at 4:27 PM, Veronica Gutierrez <> wrote:
Dear Dave,
Thank you again for agreeing to cover HIST 393 for me the day of my TED talk, I
really appreciate it! Juan's boss gave him the day off because his boss recognized
it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me to give a TED talk, so Juan will be
my +1 that day. I'm so glad he can come, as I usually have to give all my talks at
conferences away from home. It's been quite a challenge finding the right topic
and tone for my talk but I'm in pretty good shape. I have not yet finished writing
my draft but I have a good idea of what it needs to be.
So on March 28 the students will be watching "In the Time of the Butterflies" (I
have the DVD in my office) after reading the chapter in the book entitled "From
World Wars to Cold War," which discusses, among other topics, the rise of
dictators, including Rafael Trujillo. Per our discussion, I would like to assign an
article or two about Trujillo to read in advance of class. You said you had articles
you could pass along to me to pass along to them? Since you are more familiar
with the history than I am. For the class period you can lead a discussion of the
articles, introduce the historical context of the film, and talk about life in the DR
under Trujillo, perhaps encourage students to look for historical
inaccuracies/Hollywood liberties.

Class begins at 4:20pm and ends at 7:20pm so there may be time for discussion
afterwards, but honestly the students are usually so tired it would be best to have
the discussion before the film. My TED event ends at 5pm and if we can find
someone to pick up the children from school that day we'll pop by the class. If
not, we have to leave right away because their school closes at 6pm and it's an
hour away.
I've attached my syllabus below. Let me know if you have questions, and thank
you again.

Lyndon B. Johnson and the Crisis in the Dominican Republic | EDSITEment

Dominican Republic - Historical Documents - Office of the Historian

Historical Documents - Office of the Historian

28 April 1965 US invades Dominican Republic
LBJ Statement on Sending Troops to the Dominican Republic

us invades dominican republic 1965 - Google Search

US Marines in Dominican Republic & South Vietnam 1965

BBC Profile



Rafael Trujillo

“You're nothing but a two-bit dictator” – Dealing with the DR’s Rafael Trujillo - Association for
Diplomatic Studies and Training

Sic Semper Tyrannis – The Assassination of El Jefe, May 30, 1961 - Association for Diplomatic
Studies and Training

The Dominican Civil War of 1965 - Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training


Mirabel Sisters

Reel history | In the Time of the Butterflies: feisty but it doesn't really fly | Film | The Guardian

Courage “In the Time of the Butterflies” | EDSITEment
Overall context

National Endowment for the Arts Big Read

Video interview: Julia Alvarez

Remembering and Reconstruction the Mirabal Sisters in Julia Álvarez's "In the Time of the
Butterflies" (access through JSTOR)
Gus Puleo
Bilingual Review / La Revista Bilingüe
Vol. 23, No. 1 (January-April 1998), pp. 11-20

Dictionary of Hispanic Biography


I shot the cruelest dictator in the Americas

A museum to horrors of the Trujillo era

Antonio Imbert Barrera, Who Helped Assassinate Dominican Dictator Trujillo, Dies at 95


In the Time of the Butterflies La Historia de las Hermanas Mirabal

Time of the Butterflies

Trujillo 31 Años de Historia Perdida Completo

Biografia y Resumen del gobierno de Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina ( 2da. parte )