Armando Calderón Sol dies (El Salvador), first president of El Salvador after the civil war

Legacies of Faith and War in the Republic of the Savior, El Salvador
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Oligarchs and Officers: The Crisis in El Salvador | Foreign Affairs
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El Salvador: Eclipse of the oligarchs

Leveling the Playing Field in the Salvadoran Civil War - ADST
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Thomas Pickering

Video: El Salvador in the 1980's
Section from CNN Cold War film

Video: Jon Snow: Reports from the El Salvador civil war

El Salvador marks Archbishop Oscar Romero's murder

Assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero (El Salvador)

Romero beatification opens old wounds in El Salvador

4 Catholic nuns
How One American Diplomat Solved the Case of the Murdered Churchwomen in El Salvador

Mark Danner: The Truth of El Mozote

'Something Horrible' in El Salvador
summary of El Mozote

Jesuit murders in El Salvador

25th Anniversary of El Salvador Jesuit Murders

Roberto D'Aubuisson (El Salvador)
Put with Death Squads

Roberto D'Abussion interview (1984)

Roberto d'Aubuisson, 48, Far-Rightist in Salvador

Video: In the Name of the People: El Salvador's Civil War 1985

Behind the Lines with the Rebels in El Salvador

Salvadoran Refugees in the Camp at Colomoncagua, Honduras, 1980-1991

El Salvador map

El Salvador history

La Matanza: 1932 Salvadoran peasant massacre

Farabundo Marti

Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front

El Salvador Civil War (Center for Justice and Accountability)
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Salvadoran Civil War

José Napoleón Duarte (El Salvador)

Football War: Honduras vs El Salvador (1969)

Death Squads

From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington's man behind brutal police squads

Film: Iraq's sectarian war | James Steele: America's mystery man

Salvador Option

US advisors in El Salvador: a delicate mission

The odds in El Salvador

Operation Charly: El Salvador

Chapultepec Peace Accords (El Salvador)

El Salvador President: Salvador Sánchez Cerén
[former FMLN leader]

Reagan's obsession with Central America

Dirty Hands (U.S. Policy in El Salvador) [2 part article
review of In Our Own Backyard