Items for Final exam study guide

You have been asked to speak at the December meeting of the Azusa Chamber of Commerce. Your topic is "Current Issues in the European Union." Based on the following outline and articles noted within it [from this study guide], what would be the text of your speech?


What Happened to Europe (New York Times)

A More Secular Europe, Divided by the Cross

EU External Action Service

Catherine Ashton: The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Q&A: EU External Action Service

A day in the life of David O'Sullivan: chief operating officer in the EU's diplomatic service, the EEAS

Catherine Ashton's EU Soft Power

EU military versus NATO

Nato chief: EU soft power is 'no power at all'

Who needs Nato, when you have the Lisbon Treaty?

Europe's Shrinking Military Spending under Scrutiny

Better defence spending needed to back up EU 'principles'

Where the EU is headed
Balance between "Brussels" and national governments

Top-level discussion glum on state of EU

How to Legitimize European Union: Decentralize

European Union's Unending Quandary

New era as Brussels tightens its grip on national budgets

Spying Scandal Alters U.S. Ties With Allies and Raises Talk of Policy Shift


Skeptics See Euro Eroding European Unity

Euro zone suffers from integration fatigue

Young and educated in Europe, but desperate for jobs


Analysis: UK's Cameron aims to erase EU goal of 'ever closer union'

Britain and the "Quit Europe" Tide

Eastern Partnership

Q & A: EU-Russia battleground

EU-Russia rivalry looms over Vilnius summit (great map at bottom of article)

Europe's failure on Ukraine: Three Lessons

EU and Ukraine: What went wrong?

Ukraine faces E.U.'s Dismay on Turnabout on Accords

Thousands Demand Resignation of Ukraine Leader

Upcoming European Parliament elections (May 2014)

Balance of power in current European Parliament

EU voters have not warmed to immigration

Barroso warns of xenophobia and nationalism

Anti-EU parties plan strategy to woo Europe's voters (Le Pen and Wilders)

Immigration into EU

Europe turns its eyes to migration policies

EU leaders reject calls for action on Europe's migration problem

MEPs approve EU border surveillance system (Eurosur/FRONTEX)

The Mediterranean Sea: a migration border

Movement within EU

Q & A: Schengen Agreement

Germany to veto Schengen enlargement (Romania and Bulgaria) [March 4, 2013)

Dispute over immigration widens between Britain and EU

Brussels on guard over UK's Romania, Bulgaria plan

Germany and France back UK migration controls