Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford
Miller Center (University of Virginia)
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Gerald Ford bio

Miller Center

Campaign commercials

Ford pardons Nixon

Trips on helicopter steps

Offered pro football contract after All-American at U. of Michigan.

Went to Yale Law School instead.

Not dumb and klutzy as media often portrayed him
President trips and falls

Served in House of Representatives (1949-1973); leader of minority party.

Vice President
Gerald Ford Sworn In as Vice President - 1973 | Today in History | 6 Dec

He served out remainder of Nixon's term. Defeated by Carter in 1976.

Ford Pardoned Richard Nixon (Sept 1974)

Ford Pardons Nixon - 1974 | Today in History | 8 Sept

Ford Grants Pardon to Nixon (New York Times)

Finding Dulcinea: On This Day: President Ford Pardons Richard Nixon

Mayaquez incident

American ship Mayaguez seized ( This Day in History | 5/12/1975)

1976 Presidential election

Ford was defeated by Jimmy Carter in the 1976 presidential election (New York Times)

Campaign commercials (Living Room Candidate)