Wissahickon School District eToolBox: Glogster

Jennifer Dorman

Creating Effective (Hard Copy) Poster Presentations

How to create a (hard copy) poster that graphically communicates your message

Online Interactive Posters with Glogster (Mark Morton)
Center for Teaching Excellence

Digital posters: Composing with an online canvas

Glog on! [slideshow of 46 slides]

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No Autosave

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Glogster Tutorial (Traci Blazosky)

How to create a Glog and insert it into a wiki

Google Search: Sample research posters


Glogster widget (Wikispaces)

The Glogster Resume

Glogster Tutorial (Minnesota State University, Moorhead)

Teaching With Glogster: Using Virtual Posters in the Classroom

Glogster. This is my very first--trial--glog. I will do more. Stay tuned.