Guatemala, 1962 to 1980s: A less publicized “final solution” – William Blum

Arbenz & the CIA, Guatemala 1950's

Guatemalan Civil War

Counterinsurgency and development poles in the Ixil region of Guatemala
Cultural Poles
Guns and beans

Guatemala Enlists Indians To Patrol Against Guerrillas

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Protestantism in Guatemala: Living in the New Jerusalem - Virginia Garrard-Burnett (1998)

Terror in the Land of the Holy Spirit: Guatemala under General Efrain Rios
Montt 1982-1983 (Religion and Global Politics) (2011)
Virginia Garrard-Burnett

Verbo Villages and the Rios Montt Guatemala Thailand Connection

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Between Two Armies in the Ixil Towns of Guatemala - David Stoll

The crossroads of religion and development: the Ixil region, evangelical religion, and Rios Montt
(92 pp)

Beyond the borders: radicalized evangelical missionaries in Central America from the 1950s
through the 1980s (312 pp)
Ph.D. American University 2012

Did war change Guatemala's faith? | Public Radio International

Article review: To Support a ‘Brother in Christ’: Evangelical Groups and U.S.-Guatemalan
Relations during the Ríos Montt Regime.” Diplomatic History 39:4 [2 February 2016]