Good overview

Ladino people (Guatemala)

Jorge Ubico regime (1931-1944)
Guatemalan Revolution (1944-1954)
Coup and Civil War (1954-1996)

++++1954 Coup overthrowing Arbentz
this is the key article
Operation PBSUCCESS is covered herein

Guatemalan Revolution (1944-1954)
Key for 1954 period

The Legacy of Latin American Land Reform | NACLA
Use this for 1954 Guatemala

Latifundia (Hacienda)

Colonial terms and concepts
put under Spanish empire

CIA activities in Guatemala

Video: Guatemala - CIA Overthrow Jacobo Arbenz
The 50s - David Halberstam -

Jorge Ubico (1931-1944) (Guatemala)

Juan José Arévalo (1945-1951) (Guatemala)

Jacobo Árbenz (1951-1954) Guatemala)

Carlos Castillo Armas (Guatemala)

United Fruit Company

John Foster Dulles
John Foster Dulles obituary

Allen Dulles

Operation PBHISTORY (Guatemala)
put after the 1954 coup

1976 Guatemala earthquake

Guerrilla Army of the Poor (Guatemala)
the opposition during later Rios Montt period

Historical Overview of Pentecostalism in Guatemala | Pew Research Center

The Guatemala Documentation Project

US policy in Guatemala, 1966-1996

Guatemalan Death Squad files

1960 Guatemala MR-13 rebellion
Influence of Castro's Cuban Revolution

Guatemalan Civil War (1960-1996)

Burning of the Spanish Embassy 1980 (Guatemala)
Really key event

Guatemala ex-police chief sentenced over embassy attack

Rigoberta Menchú

Rigoberta Menchú and the Story of All Poor Guatemalans

Efraín Ríos Montt

Operation Sofia
The Guatemala Documentation Project

1982 Guatemala Operation Sofía

Israel and Guatemala | Middle East Research and Information Project

Healing Guatemala's emotional scars from the civil war
[Former nurse with the guerrillas]

Operation Charly: Guatemala

Truth Commission phase
The secret's in Guatemala's bones

Assassination of Bishop Juan José Gerardi (26 April 1998)
(Guatemala Human Rights Commission)

Clinton apology to Guatemala (March 1999)


Arbenz & the CIA, Guatemala 1950's
put above

When the Mountains Tremble (Guatemala)
Movie (in English)

Granito de Arena: Cómo Atrapar a un Dictador (RIos Montt)


Military rule threatans Mayans

Model villages in the Ixil region

Guatemala: my GU strategic hamlets term paper experience

Guatemala builds strategic hamlets

Room for Debate: start with the main page
What guilt does the U.S. bear in Guatemala?
From the main page, click on each of these four items:
a. Guatemalan slaughter was part of Reagan's hard line
b. Guatemala Suffered for U.S. Foreign Policy
c. Blaming the U.S. for Guatemalan Deaths Is Easy Propaganda
d. We Enabled Guatemalan Genocide, but the Elite Committed It

Catholic Church flourishes in Guatemala, but struggles to bridge cultural differences and train new priests

Guatemalan Migration in Times of Civil War and Post-War Challenges

Guatemala Guerrillas Drawing Indians Into Ranks for the First Time
(1980 article from the New York Times)

Did war change Guatemala's faith?