The Gulf War (1990-1991)

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Video (4 hours)

This two-part documentary is a comprehensive and critical analysis of the 1990-1991 war in which more than one million troops faced off against each other in the deserts of the Gulf states. From the Allied coalition's air war and the ground assault, to the liberation of Kuwait and the fallout of Saddam Hussein's retaining power, FRONTLINE deconstructs what really happened, how it happened and why. This report draws on in-depth, remarkably candid interviews with those who planned Operation Desert Storm and those who fought its battles. These include key decision makers such as Colin Powell, Norman Schwarzkopf, former Secretary of State James Baker, former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, and Margaret Thatcher. It also includes vivid commentary by U.S and British commanders on the ground, the war stories of soldiers and airmen captured by the Iraqis, and interviews with Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz and a top Iraqi intelligence official.

Transcripts of the video
Part A
Part B


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Oral History

a. The Decision Makers

Colin Powell
Dick Cheney
James Baker
Margaret Thatcher
Robert Gates
Richard Haass
Brent Scowcroft
Mikail Gorbachev

b. The Commanders

Norman Schwarzkopf
Calvin Waller
Charles Horner
Walt Boomer
Frederick Franks
Buster Glosson
Peter de la Billiere

c. The Iraqis

Tariq Aziz
Wafic al Samarrai

d. The Analysts

Rick Atkinson
Bernard Trainor

e. War Stories

Rhonda Cornum
David Eberly
Jeff Tice
Andy McNab
John Peters