Staying Connected before the Age of the Silicon Chip

Pop Culture

Women's Clothing
Glossary of Women's Clothing terms

To Bathe or not to Bathe (Colonial Williamsburg)

Coping with Cold Weather

Student regulations at Yale College
Let's look at sourcing of this document (at bottom of first page).
What do you think of this kind of college life?


Gossip, Flattery, and Flirtation: The art of letter writing

Department of Deportment: Stances and dances made the eighteenth-century man—and woman

Manners [George Washington]

Ancient map gives clue to fate of 'Lost Colony' (Telegraph)

The Roanoke Island Colony: Lost, and Found?

Summary of Thomas Harriot's A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia.

Sketching the earliest views of the New World

Art of John White | NCpedia

Introduction to White Watercolors/De Bry Engravings

#34. Village of Pomeiooc

#38. Indian Village of Secoton

#42. Indians dancing around a circle of posts

Jamestown, Québec, Santa Fe: Three North American Beginnings | National Museum of American History

The Science of Jamestown

Colonial Virginia [read down to Slavery]

The Powhatan Indian World
[read down to the portion opposite the image entitled "The Powhatan Indians attack the English]

Lost City of Powhatan

Changing images of Pocahontas

John Smith

John Smith's Bold Endeavor

Women of Jamestown

Africans in America: From Indentured Servitude to Racial Slavery

"Our Plantation Is Very Weak": The Experiences of an Indentured Servant in Virginia, 1623

"Slaves for life, and servants for a time": the economics and legalities of servitude—five perspectives, 1705-1750

The varieties of slave labor

Intro to Colonial African American Life

African-American Family

African-American Christianity

How slavery affected African-American families

Religion in Early Virginia (Colonial Williamsburg)

Anglican Church in Virginia

The Church of England in Early America (Divining America, National Humanities Center)

The Parish in Colonial Virginia

Religion, Women, & the Family

Early American Jews Found Freedom to Celebrate Autumn's High Holy Days

Deism (CW)

Planters, Becoming American: The British Atlantic Colonies, 1690-1763 (National Humanities Center)

Diary of William Byrd II of Virginia, selections, 1709-1712

Diary of Landon Carter of Virginia, selections, 1758

Voting in Early America

Crime and Punishment in Colonial America