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Why in the world would I have an entire wiki page devoted to High Fives?

Vicki Davis writes a blog, The Cool Cat Teacher, that is one of my favorites. The following paragraph was part of her post entitled "Message to Educators: I Believe in You, Be An Angel of Kindness."

"Look every child in the eye every day as they enter the classroom.
If I have one rule, one goal - this is it. The days I make sure to stand at the door and greet them by name and look them in the eye are the days of ultimate breakthrough. Always.

Don't believe me? Well, tomorrow, whether you're a teacher or in any profession, intentionally look each person in the eye when you first meet them, (when they are usually unguarded.) If they are tired, worried, upset, sick - you'll see it written in their eyes and facial expression."

(Here is Dave back again): I decided that it makes more sense for me to greet you, my cherished APU students, as you leave class and to do a high five.

My thanks to Vicki for this great reminder.