Here is what a top executive does to keep up with what's going on in the world.

Admiral James Stavridis: What I Read


Spend a few minutes watching this video:

"Understanding and Reading a Blog (for Newcomers)"

Two blog examples:

1. An award-winning blog--produced by Mrs. Linda Yollis and her third-grade (!!) class.

2. A feeble blog--produced by me: The Learning Professor


It is considered to be an example of micro-blogging.

[We won't have time today to talk about Twitter.]

Here is an example of the tweets I have done lately (@LearningProf)

Here is good article with which to start:
"The Beginner's Guide to Twitter." (Michael Hyatt)


Spend a few moments watching this video:

If some of this RSS business sounds new and strange, look at what is available already through APU web materials.

Go to the bottom of the APU HOME webpage.

Notice at the bottom left: RSS
Click on that.
You get the following page:


Watch this Google Reader help video:

1. You can set up your own Google Reader account here:

2. Practice subscribing--with an APU RSS feed:

APU Athletics—All Sports

Here are several blogs I subscribe to in my own Google Reader:

Richard Byrne. Free Technology for Teachers.

Vicki Davis. Cool Cat Teacher

Pastor Ron Edmonson

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day


HomeWord Daily Devotional


Here are some ways you can determine what other blogs/websites you might want to subscribe to:

1. Google Blog Search

Use some of the following search terms:

Elementary school teacher
First grade teacher
Second grade teacher
Sixth grade teacher
Social Work
High school English teacher
Athletic Training

2. Regular Google Search

Use some of the following search terms:

Top blogs by category
Top fitness blogs
Top football blogs
Top wedding blogs
First grade teacher blog [etc.]
High school English teacher blogs
High school math teacher blogs
High school U.S. History teacher blogs

Here are some results that came from those search terms

Social Work Blogs

Top 15 music education blogs

25 Best math blogs for students in the classroom

Top 25 world languages blogs

Top 20 art blogs for educators

Top 25 creative writing blogs for students

25 Best Chemistry blogs for college students

Top Ten Graduate Student Blogs

Nursing Blogs

3. Blog Rolls

When you have a few good blogs you like, work your way through the Blog Roll of what that blogger selects for himself/herself.

Here is an example from my own blog:

4. Websites

Go to the website itself.
Look for the RSS or XML thingy.
Click on it.
Copy the URL on the page that opens.
Paste that URL into the ADD SUBSCRIPTIONS box in Google Reader.

Let's try adding a feed from USA TODAY:

Go to the main USA TODAY website

Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "RSS"

Scroll down on the RSS feed page to TECH and select Personal Tech

Then watch how I can add that feed to my own Google Reader.