a. General guidelines for paper:

Due on the last day of final exam week.

(20% of your grade): 1,500 words (not counting the footnotes and bibliography), typed (hard copy), double-spaced, with properly documented footnotes and bibliography (at least 15 solid sources).

b. Grading Rubric

c. Topic selection and content analysis

Think of your paper as a case study.

I want you to gain an understanding of how bureaucratic/political decisions get made by people--not in a vacuum and usually messy--and how those decisions are then critiqued, attacked, and defended (spin control) in our political system.

Take one event from our timelines.
Notice the headings on this timeline:

US side primarily: decisions, power struggles
On the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan as necessary

Try to get at the following:
Who, what, when, where, why, how
What result
What effect

Example of a possible term paper topic:
What were the factors/people/controversies involved in the U.S. decision to disband the Iraqi army in 2003?

How to get your sources:
Follow the leads on our timeline capsule summary (interview)

Use Washington Post and New York Times as base resources.

Use the Lexis Nexis (Lexis Nexis) database for other articles

Different points of view to round out your coverage.

Finding Opinions, Editorials, and Opposing Viewpoints (University of Texas)

Leanings of Magazines and Newspapers (Lorain County Community College)

Get further articles from APU database search