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Life Before the Presidency [this is really good]

Letter from Barack Obama on His Muslim Heritage

The 44th President was his mother's son

"Who are the Taliban?" (FRONTLINE)
Click on and read each of the following tabs under "A Timeline to Power"
The Taliban Emerge (1994)
The Fall of Kandahar and Kabul (1996)
New Order Under Sharia Law (1996 to 1998)
Sanctions, Atrocities and Reprisals (1999 to 2001)
Taliban In Retreat, Karzai on the Rise (2002 to 2005)
The Taliban Are Back (2005)
Afghanistan: A New Iraq? (2006)
The Poppy Rises (2006 to 2007)
A New Offensive (2007)

In my U.S. History survey course, I can only devote one class to Afghan war.

Why Karzai Bites the Hand That Feed Him

The Age of Unsatisfying Wars - John Nagl

As Afghan Army Grows, a Unit Highlights the Challenges -

At West Point, Asking if a War Doctrine Was Worth It -

Making Sense of Trends in Afghanistan -

Afghan Assaults Signal Evolution of Haqqani Network -

A Long and Distant War: Photos from Afghanistan, 1988-2009 - LightBox

FRONTLINE Obama's War (Afghanistan)

Obama's War (FRONTLINE)
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For all of their monthly Afghanistan editions, go to the following URL;



Here are some particularly interesting pictures in several of the Boston Globe photoblogs:

Afghanistan: March 2010

#1 What is the holiday of Nowruz
#3 Afghanistan uses the Persian calendar
#13 Osprey airplane
#16 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) armored vehicle
#17 Mud. How it impacts operations.
#19 Afghan girl. At what age does a girl need to start wearing a burka.
#21 Nurse of the month. All men.
#28 Fortress from 5th century. Think back to Alexander the Great. Silk Road.
#35 Poppy field
#36 Hot room in a hamman
#37 Marines playing "Risk"
#38 Afghan soldier with a picture of American female race car driver
#40 Think of what the eyes of that man has seen during his lifetime
#41 Woman interpreter
#42 Rock band
Afghanistan's first mosh pit rocks

January 2010

#7 Afghan girl
#20 Canadian female officer talks to Afghan women
#21 "Ricky" the explosive detector dog
#27 Paktika province. Read this caption.
#29 Bible verse on gunsight
#39 Taliban fighters display their weapons
#40 Special Forces men dismount from helicopter on mountain peak