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Nicaragua Timeline

1912-25 - US establishes military bases.

1927-33 - Guerrillas led by Augusto Cesar Sandino campaign against US military presence.

1934 - Sandino killed on the orders of the National Guard commander, General Anastasio Somoza

Somoza family dictatorship [US relations with dictators]

1937 - General Somoza elected president, heralding the start of a 44-year-long dictatorship by his family.

1961 - Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) founded

Revolution turns sour. Sandanista's got rid of a dictatorship - but civil war ensued. The US supported the Contra rebels while the Soviet Union backed the FSLN government of Daniel Ortega

Daniel Ortega

Nicaragua's broken dreams
[return of a coffee brigade volunteer] [think of people going to join Islamic State]

Iran-Contra Affair

U.S supported those fighting against (contra) the communists in Nicaragua.

After Vietnam and Watergate, Congress anxious to oversee foreign policy

Congress ordered Reagan not to continue support of Contras

Reagan Endorses CIA Support of Nicaraguan Contras

Iran-Contra Scandal Breaks