Paraguay war of independence

The Forgotten Relationship: United States-Paraguay Relations, 1937-89

Alfredo Stroessner; Paraguayan Dictator

The Dictatorship dilemma: US, Paraguay, and the Cold War, 1954-1989
Ph.D. Diss. by Kirk A. Tyvela

Mora, Frank O., and Jerry Wilson Cooney. Paraguay and the United States: Distant Allies. U of Georgia Press, 2007.

35 Años del Stronismo Documental Completo (1954-1989)


History of Paraguay

Jesuit Reductions

Alfredo Stroessner

Alfredo Strossner
Top ten dictators

Alfredo Stroessner obituary

Alfredo Stroessner obituary

Operation Condor

Los Archivos del Horror del Operativo Cóndor

El Stronato (Paraguay)

How Paraguay's 'Archive of Terror' put Operation Condor in focus

Chaco War (1932-1935)

Paraguayan War (War of the Triple Alliance) (1864-1870)

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