The Witch Trials that America Forgot

Witchcraft in Colonial Virginia

Salem Witch Trials

A brief history of witchcraft accusations prior to Salem

Causes for the outbreak of witchcraft hysteria in Salem

Why the hysteria ended

Have we learned the lessons of Salem?

The Witchcraft Trials in Salem: A Commentary (Doug Lindor)

Witchcraft in Salem Village: Intersections of Religion and Society, Divining America
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National Geographic: Salem Witch-Hunt--Interactive

Google Earth: Salem

Complete Witchcraft Papers: Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive [need a detailed list of links from
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Cotton Mather's book

Biographies of key figures
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Arrest warrant for ...

Examinations of accused
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Petitions of two witches awaiting execution

Death Warrant and List of the Dead

Letters of Governor Phips

Procedure used in the Salem Witchcraft Trials

The Man of Iron: Giles Corey

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

In class

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Game: You're Accused! What do you do now?

Salem Witchcraft Trials Jeopardy

Three Sovereigns for Sarah
The Witches of Salem get a new hearing

Three Sovereigns for Sarah: Sorcery and Sources on JSTOR
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Historian on the Set: The Filming of Three Sovereigns for Sarah
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Guide Questions – Three Sovereigns for Sarah

Three Sovereigns for Sarah outline

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Three Sovereigns for Sarah


Introduction 6:00*
Sarah sets the story 6:40*
A new covenant is born 4:22*
Innocent games of children 5:40
The illness descends 10:50
The girls gloried in their illness 5:16
The unsuspecting victims 10:40 *


Rebecca's hearing 15:00*
Sarah stays and fights 20:00
The accused in jail 15:50


Introduction 3:55
Rebecca tried and hanged 12:45*
The madness continues 12:35
Custody of a private jailer 7:45
Sarah, you are free 3:00
The verdict and aftermath 11:30*