Mexico's Government Structure (Library of Congress)

Politics of Mexico

Mexico’s do-nothing legislature: The siesta congress | The Economist

2006 Presidential Election:

The bitterness and closeness of the 2006 election

The Online NewsHour: Mexico Election 2006 (PBS)

Primer: Mexico Elections 2006 (Washington Post)

2012 Presidential Election

Mexico’s presidential election: The man to beat | The Economist

Mexico’s Presidential Race Could Be Pivotal -

As the presidential campaign officially begins, time is running out to catch up with Enrique Peña Nieto | The Economist

A Wary Mexico Sizes Up Contenders for the Presidency (New York Times)

BBC News - Race to Mexico's presidential palace begins

Mexican presidential favorite vows to restore peace | Reuters

Analysis: Drug gang menace overshadows Mexican election | Reuters

The three candidates and their political parties

The Parties « The Mexico Institute's Elections Guide

Left, right or center? Mexican political brand names explained -

The Candidates « The Mexico Institute's Elections Guide

Factbox: Mexico's presidential candidates | Reuters

Factbox: Mexican presidential candidates on the issues | Reuters

1. PAN « The Mexico Institute's Elections Guide

Josefina Vázquez Mota (PAN) « The Mexico Institute's Elections Guide

Is Mexico Ready for a Woman President?

Women in Mexican Politics

2. PRD « The Mexico Institute's Elections Guide

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (PRD) « The Mexico Institute's Elections Guide

A New Face for AMLO?

Leftist for President

Mexican leftist juggles love and rage in election run | Reuters

3. PRI « The Mexico Institute's Elections Guide

Enrique Peña Nieto (PRI) « The Mexico Institute's Elections Guide

Mexican election favorite Pena Nieto extends lead over rival | Reuters

The PRI Hopes for a Comeback

Analysis: Mexico 2012 frontrunner stirs reform optimism | Reuters

Mexico Institute 2012 Election Guide

"Mexico's 2012 Presidential Election and U.S.-Mexican Relations"
Duncan Wood. May 2011 Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Woodrow Wilson Center and Mexico Institute
"Mexico's Presidential Elections: Implications for the U.S. Relationship with its Neighbor Next Door"


Mexico's Oil Industry
Petroleum nationalization

Calderon Vows to Renew Drive in Congress to Boost Pemex Output - Businessweek

Mexico's Oil Dilemma

Mexico’s Oil Politics Is Causing Woes -
Ties to expropriation 72 years ago.

Mexican Murals

Where Angelina got her inspiration | Mexico Unmasked

Diego Rivera Web Museum

José Clemente Orozco: Man of Fire | American Masters | PBS

Mexican Muralism

Art of the Mural

ARTSEDGE: Five Artists of the Mexican Revolution

Google Image search under "Mexican Murals"

Sweet Search under "Mexican Muralists"


APU - Mexico Outreach - Carolyn Koons

APU - Mexico Outreach - Meet Our Team

APU - Mexico Outreach - Contact Information

APU - Mexico Outreach - Base Camp Locations

APU - Mexico Outreach - Typical Daily Schedule

APU - Mexico Outreach - Ministry Options

APU - Mexico Outreach - Musicians

APU - Mexico Outreach - Speakers

APU - Mexico Outreach - Vision Velocity

APU - Mexico Outreach - Resource Center

APU - Mexico Outreach - Blogs

APU - Mexico Outreach - Songs

APU - Mexico Outreach - Online Resources


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Visit Mexico website

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World Heritage Cities in Mexico

Archeology (supplement using Google Images)

Discover Mexico through its Routes
Wine Country and the Aquarium of the World Baja

Discover Mexico through its Routes
The Millenary Tarahumaras

Discover Mexico through its Routes
The magic of Traditions and Nature

Discover Mexico through its Routes
The Birthplace of History and Romanticism

Discover Mexico through its Routes
The art of Tequila and Music under the Sun

Discover Mexico through its Routes
The Huastecas and their Outstanding Beauty

Discover Mexico through its Routes
Thousand flavors of Mole

Discover Mexico through its Routes
The Mystery and origin of the Maya Culture

Discover Mexico through its Routes
A Colonial Experience

Discover Mexico through its Routes
Don Vasco Route

Mexican Newspapers


El Periodico de Mexico

Google News

Wall Street Journal

CNN Mexico

BBC News media listing:

The press:

Excelsior - established daily

La Jornada - daily

Reforma - influential daily

El Universal - established Mexico City daily

El Sol de Mexico - daily

El Financiero - business daily

Siempre! - political weekly

Proceso - political weekly


Televisa - Mexico's TV giant, operates four networks and has many local affiliates

TV Azteca - main competitor of Televisa, operates two networks and local stations

Once TV - Canal 11 - public, educational, cultural

Television Metropolitana - Canal 22 - government-owned cultural network


Grupo ACIR - has stations in Mexico City and across the country

MVS Radio - operates in the capital and elsewhere

Grupo Radio Centro - operates large network of stations

W Radio - news, talk network; part of Televisa group

Instituto Mexicano de la Radio (IMER) - state-run, operates domestic services and external service

Council on Foreign Relations
U.S.-Mexico Inititative
Director: Shannon K. O'Neil, Douglas Dillon Fellow for Latin America Studies

George Grayson, College of William and Mary

Three for One program, Mexico

Mexican Bills in Circulation - Mexican Money

Information About Mexican Currency For Visitors To Mexico: Bills and Bank Notes

Different Ways To Send Money to Mexico : Mexico Living

Mexican Last Names:

Hispanic Last Names: Why Two of Them? | Dr. Manuel A. Perez-Quinones

What is in a Mexican name? - in Mexico, at least two last names are required

The Handbook for Educators Who Work with Children of Mexican Origin

Mexico's Criminal Insurgency

The COIN Approach to Mexican Drug Cartels: Square Peg in a Round Hole | Small Wars Journal

Rebellion in Chiapas and the Mexican Military

The Blind Man and the Elephant: Reporting on the Mexican Military

Mexican Politics (websites not used for Spring 2012 course)

2006 Election (Washington Post)

2006 Election (BBC News)

2006 Election (Ray Suarez--PBS Newshour)

2000 Election (PBS Newshour)

University of Houston professors/Mexican Presidential Elections

The 2006 Election and its Aftermath

Instituto Federal Electoral


Learning About U.S. Immigration With The New York Times -