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Save Screen Capture:
COPY ALL does not save.
To access the capture outside of Editor, you must SAVE.

Save it to my laptop.
1. In SNAGIT editor on the canvas, go to the top left button
2. Sue Waters seems to save her screen captures in PNG.
3. Holly saves hers in PNG.
4. SAVE AS standard format [default setting] is PNG
5. Title them alphabetically for ease of retrieval.

Insert SNAGIT into my blog

Save the SNAGIT capture:

1. Take the capture. To access the capture outside of Editor you must save the file.
2. While capture is on the canvas, go to the SNAGIT button at top left of the window
4. Change file name from the date that is in there to the title I want the capture to have
5. Select folder to save into: WEBSITE SPOTLIGHT SNAGIT CAPTURES folder
6. Click SAVE

Insert SNAGIT on my wiki:
1. Place cursor where the image is to appear
2. Select FILE icon on the wiki editor
3. Click UPLOAD files button
4. Search for file in the WEBSITE SPOTLIGHT SNAGIT CAPTURES folder
5. Double click on the image to place it on the wiki page
6. Click on the image to get the File Properties popup
7. Use the File Properties box to adjust alignment, size, add caption
8. Click SAVE

1. Initially, the capture takes up the entire canvass.
2. Adjust by moving the crop handles (small white squares around the outside of the capture).
3. Adjust the canvass size using the Image tab.

1. Click and hold
2. Point the arrow toward where I want the arrow head to be.
3. A 4-headed arrow moves
4. A 2-headed arrow resizes

1. Click on a stamp to give it focus.
2. To move: click down on the center of the stamp and drag it to a new location
3. To resize: drag the white handles to change the height and width.

1. Pan tool: moves the canvas around in the window
2. Click the capture and drag [drag what, how, to where]
Press [CTRL+SHIFT+DRAG] to Pan while working in other tabs.