Technology transition notes and links

Laptop refresh
How can I ensure being one of the early ones?

Get all my Wikispaces material parked somewhere before 5/31
Build a website using Google Sites

Learn how to use Canvas
Convert my Fall courses to Canvas
Or: work through Google Sites

I think I need to change to Google products on my laptop:
See the GSuite section below
Outlook workaround to Gmail
Microsoft Word to Google Docs/Google Drive
Firefox to Google Chrome
How to layout my Quick Links

Two email addresses now
Should I streamline
Google password

Google Certified Educator Prep Session Videos
Brett Petrillo


Tech thoughts

Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers
G Suite for Education
Google Docs
Google Sites

Google Lit Trips (GLT)
Lit trips on Chromebooks with the new Google Earth

Canvas Tutorial: using modules to build a course

Canvas Tutorial: creating custom navigation buttons

Copy a wiki page to a doc with save formatting.
Do the links come out ok?

Google Maps
Sign in to
Double click to zoom in
Bottom left: box to switch to Google Earth view
Bottom right:
Zoom in using plus/minus
little man image, switch to street view
Double click on the road to move down the road
Upper left menu:
Switch to different views (terrain, etc.)
Share/embed code
Nearby tab: restaurants, hotels

Google Earth online version
Use Google Chrome browser
Launch Google Earth
3D mode: double click and drag
Bottom right: mini globe shows where you are
3D button toggles between 3D and 2D
Street view little gentleman: click and hold, then drag him
Top left:
1. Search
2. Voyager: check out the History ones
3. I'm feeling lucky
(people also explore ...)
(Bookmarks (like Placemarks) tab at bottom left

How to Print a Google Doc from Drive

Google Sites

Have separate Sites:
Learning Professor
Link to other separate ones
HIST 151
HIST 152

Examples of effective Google Sites

Web Design for Sites

Placer Union High School

Kirksville Web Design

Teacher sample sites

Sample sites: Google Drive folders

Russian example

Google Search:
Google Sites examples for teachers
Examples of great google sides

Eric Curts Google Sites tutorial:
Write him a thank-you email
Site Examples at 25.10

One example: Steegle
Their Google Sites video playlist

My Google Site:
WELCOME as title page
Use Diplomat theme with Classic type
Every header on every page is unique
Change image: university class with laptops
In a Text box:
Right click
Paste as plain text
To add content:
double-click on the page
The 4-sided box will come up

Canvas: Commons
Place for tutorials, etc

Google Chrome

#1: Google Chrome

How to layout my Quick Links

Google Drive

From the GSuite Learning Center "Products" tab
(Can download a PDF for each one; do the Cheat Sheets)

Learning Center: Google Drive!/
Get Started!/
Cheat Sheet!/

#7: Google Hangouts and Google Drive

Switching To Drive from One Drive (relationship to Windows Explorer)

What is the practical difference between Google Drive/Google Docs
Do all the Docs I create show up also in Google Drive
Or must I transfer them to Drive

Video: Google Drive tutorial (17:08)

Can I access Google Drive from my iPad?

If you want to delete a Shared with Me file, but want to save it,
Put it into your My Drive

From Trash, you can Restore

Google Drive settings
Note the Check box for Convert uploaded files to Google Docs—editor format
How does that differ from the "one at a time" method

How to handle my processing of Docs from my current folder approach?
Do I convert my Word docs to Google Drive?

List view for Google Drive/Google Docs

How to organize docs within Docs and then organize in Drive
Have same folder scheme in Drive as I have in Microsoft

*Now, I move an iPad Note to my email and then to Text Only
It then shows up in Windows Explorer.
Can I have it show up in my Google Drive

Offline editing in Google Docs
Like opening my laptop and doing a Microsoft Word doc (which is not online)
Can I accomplish the same thing by simply opening a Google Doc and later transferring it to Google Drive?

Google Docs

Learning Center: Google Docs!/
Get Started!/
Cheat Sheet!/

#3: Google Docs

*Holly's wonderful tutorial that I worked through completely
Go to my email under Technology"

How to print a Doc. I choked on Shane's.

*How to do the copy/paste options work in Google
Particularly how to do "paste as Plain Text"

Does a Doc stay there until I move it to Drive or is it in both places

Should I keep my whole Microsoft Word setup and move only new and selected work to Docs.
Or put directly into Drive
How to convert existing Microsoft files (same as doc?)/folders to Docs
Should I begin to do all new stuff in Docs

Can I require students to submit written work via a Google Doc rather than Microsoft Word

When you paste text from the web, you’ll usually copy its formatting information as well and insert that into a Doc. If that happens you can strip this formatting by selecting the copied text and going to Format>Clear Formatting in the menu bar.

Go to File>Download As to download the Doc in any number of other document formats.

Google Docs for writing evaluation

Video: Google Docs Editing Mode

Eric Curts (50:08)
Video: Improving the writing process with Google Docs

Eric Curts
Improving writing with Google Docs

Tech Savvy Writing Feedback
Rebecca Cantor and Michael Truong
Michael starts at 10:00
Upload "Word" doc to Google Drive
Or students submit a Google Doc directly

Get Started!/
Cheat Sheet!/

#2: Google Classroom and Google Mail

Switching To GMail from Outlook

Switching To Calendar from Outlook

Wikispaces Migration

Their farewell message and suggestions

HEX code from my wiki

How to handle and organize DOWNLOADS

Should I download directly to Google Sites
Or to Microsoft first?

Google Sites

Learning Center: Google (New) Sites!/
Get Started!/
Cheat Sheet!/

#10: Google Sites and Google Keep

Have my wiki color as banner color and minimal heading
Then lay out page with wiki material

Can I copy a wiki page directly to a page in Google Sites or do I need to flush it through Google Docs first
(Is this HTML to Google Drive)

Can i copy a wiki page (i.e., Brazil) and save it to a Google Drive/SitesFolder
Do like General folder now, with many sub-folders
My Courses

Set up folder structure in advance for Wiki page download

Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format

Format>Clear Formatting
File>Download As ...

How to add a logo to Google Sites

Video: Create a teacher webpage using Google Sites

New Google Sites
Eric Curts

Google Forms

#5: Google Forms


#9: YouTube (start at 17:33)

Google Hangouts

#7: Google Hangouts and Google Drive

Google Keep
Get Started!/
Cheat Sheet!/

#10: Google Sites and Google Keep


Will I be able to access Canvas both from my laptop and iPad?

Go Canvas
Is this the easiest way to access Canvas

Go Canvas: Canvas Guides

Go Canvas: Faculty Resources

Canvas Guides

Canvas videos

Teaching with Canvas: Basics

Canvas Faculty User Guide

Canvas Basics Guide

Transferring a course from Sakai to Wikispaces

Canvas Faculty QuickStart chart

Canvas Community Forums

Canvas APP center
Get familiar with what's available

Canvas Commons for good help items

Rich Content Editor

Magic Marker app

VeriCite plagiarism checker

Start a new course assessment
Teaching with Canvas: Basics
Assignment Graded

How to add assignment types, pages, and files as module items

How does it supplement a F2F course

Subscribe to RSS feed reader in Announcements

Handling extra credit

Canvas Assignment vs Canvas Activity

How do I view my Google Drive files in Canvas

Upload a file to a course

Bulk upload files to a course

Create a new page

Connect to Google Drive as a web service

Outside expert advice to follow:

Free Technology for Teachers

The 10 author blogs I read first

Alice Keeler (Teacher Tech)

Google Sites + Google Classroom (Teacher Tech)


What is my password


How to start using Feedly