I want to put together a presentation on why and how I got into it and how others can do likewise.

Here is what a top executive does to keep up with what's going on in the world.

Admiral James Stavridis: What I Read

Get More Out Of Google | HackCollege

Blogs and Google Reader

"All My Blogging Advice in One Place" (Richard Byrne in his Free Technology for Teachers blog)

How to Learn the Basics of Digital Technology (ProfHacker blog in The Chronicle of Higher Education)

10 Types of social media updates [good]

How to correctly size images for social networks

Why do you blog?

PD Personal Development
PLN Personal Learning Network

Can Twitter replace traditional professional development?

50 Great Ways to Grow Your Personal Learning Network

The 4 Best Ways To Personalize Your Professional Development

25 Ways To Use Twitter To Improve Your Professional Development

Academics and Colleges Split Their Personalities for Social Media (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Guidelines for Evaluating Work in Digital Humanities and Digital Media

The Challenges of Digital Scholarship - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education


It is considered to be an example of micro-blogging.

Here is an example of the tweets I have done lately (@LearningProf)

Here is good article with which to start:
"The Beginner's Guide to Twitter." (Michael Hyatt)

6 Steps to Becoming a Better Twitter User

A College Student’s Guide to Getting Started with Twitter [this is good]

A Twitteraholic’s Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter [start with this]

How to Start Tweeting (and Why You Might Want To) (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Mom, This is How Twitter Works

College Student’s Guide: Twitter 101

Tip of the Week – 65 History Twitter feeds

Managing Twitter Favorites

Steve Anderson series on Twitter

Michael Hyatt's post on the basics of Twitter

It's All About the Hashtag (Steve Anderson)

Twitter to help writing

Tweetchat [has hashtags pre-set]

Use of hashtags

The 2012 A-Z List Of Educational Twitter Hashtags

50 Education Twitter Hashtags Perfect For Parents

32 Twitter Hashtags New Grads Should Know About

All About Twitter Hashtags

300+ Educational Twitter Hashtags Being Used Right Now

Cybrary Man's Educational Hashtags

Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites

#Edchat: Join the Conversation

The Top 50 Education Twitter Chats (And How To Use Them)

Encouraging a Conference Backchannel on Twitter

NATO Commander Admiral Stavridis: What I Read

Twitter is microblogging

Blogging is the new persuasive essay


What interests me
What interests my students
What interests other teachers

Ask questions

Be a one-person Stumbleupon

ABL=Always Be Linking

Some introductory phrases to my tweets:

What do you think of this?
Don't miss this one!
Check this out!
Here is one you will like.
Bookmark this one.
Put this into your Idea folder.
Follow this person
The Art of
How to

Here is a good example—from Library of Congress blog of how I should add to my tweets:
LofC blog looks at political cartoons: [URL] Check it out--& check out our guide to using cartoons, too!: [URL]

When should I use either Tweetdeck or Hootsuite?


Getting started with Tweetdeck

Why Twitter’s TweetDeck Is Worth A Second Look

How to Schedule Tweets On Twitter Using TweetDeck

Hands-On: TweetDeck Wants to Be Your Pro Twitter Client Again

Twitter (Common Craft)

Use Twitter to link to blog posts:
Do like Larry Ferlazzo:
New Post: Website Spotlight--Salem Witchcraft (plus URL)
Addition to: Website Spotlight--Salem Witchcraft (plus URL)
List of all Website Spotlight posts (separate page on wiki)

Hashtags: edchat, comments for kids, edtech, highered, 4thchat, profdev, socialmedia

Retweets example:

1. Initial tweet by Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers (@rmbyrne) New Post: Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom [shortened URL of that post]

2. First retweet: by Steve Anderson @web20classroom
RT @rmbyrne New Post: Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom [shortened URL of that post]

3. Retweet by Larry Ferlazzo
RT@web20classroom: @rmbyrne New Post: Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom [shortened URL of that post]


Wissahickon School District eToolBox: Google Docs

Jennifer Dorman


Jennifer Dorman


Reasons for use

Bring the outside world IN & break down the walls of your classroom
Listen to and interact with real world experts
Collaborate and communicate with people from all over the world
Virtually visit museums, universities, NASA, and may more places without having to leave school

Wissahickon School District eToolBox: Video Conferencing

QR Codes

QR Codes (Common Craft)

Five Reasons I Love Using QR Codes in My Classroom

QR codes Edutopia Google Search

1 Tool at a Time: Build Your Toolbelt: QR Codes

How to make a QR Code using Google

QR Codes (Shambles)

QR Codes in Education (Steve Anderson/LiveBinder)

QR stuff

QR code generator

10 ways to use QR Codes in a History classroom (Kerry Turner)

10 ways to use QR Codes in your history classroom (History Tech)

Five Reasons I Love Using QR Codes in My Classroom (Edutopia)

Twelve Ideas for Teaching with QR Codes (Edutopia)

Using QR Codes in the Classroom (Edutopia)

2 Simple Ways to Use QR Codes in Education


Learning about LiveBinders (Steve Anderson)

Steve Andeson's LiveBinders Shelf


Responding to LinkedIn requests

How to Accept or Decline LinkedIn Invitations



Free Upgrades to Diigo Education Edition

Social Bookmarking with Students (Sue Waters)

Wissahickon School District eToolBox: Diigo

Dig Deeper with Diigo

Jennifer Dorman

Social Bookmarking In The Classroom (Steve Anderson LiveBinder)

Diigo (Teaching

Diigo Teacher Accounts (Richard Byrne)

Social Bookmarking (Common Craft)

Public Library:
Julie Lindsay

Kristin Hokanson

Tom Daccord

Vicki Davis
Leadership People
Others I follow on Twitter

Use Diigo for Research and Writing course

Use librarian to help: Kimberley Stephenson

APU library guides


Inspiring Students to Learn Beyond Classrooms (key for me)

Around the World with Skype (great)

Skype (The Edublogger)

Skype (Teaching
Finding Skype Collaborators (Teaching

All About Skype (Steve Anderson LiveBinder)

Facebook and Skype
What is the deal with signing in with your Skype name or Facebook name

Skype in the Classroom (Facebook)

Skype in the Classroom (Skype)

Web Cam if I need it
YouTube - Logitech C910 1080p HD Pro Webcam Unboxing & Demo


Wissahickon School District eToolBox: Glogster

Jennifer Dorman

Creating Effective (Hard Copy) Poster Presentations

How to create a (hard copy) poster that graphically communicates your message

Online Interactive Posters with Glogster (Mark Morton)
Center for Teaching Excellence

Digital posters: Composing with an online canvas

Glog on! [slideshow of 46 slides]

Edublogs Glogster Challenge [good]
No Autosave

Glogster Training Videos (Russell Stannard)

Glogster Tutorial (Traci Blazosky)

How to create a Glog and insert it into a wiki

Google Search: Sample research posters


Glogster widget (Wikispaces)

The Glogster Resume

Glogster Tutorial (Minnesota State University, Moorhead)

Teaching With Glogster: Using Virtual Posters in the Classroom


Using VoiceThread to Give Students a Voice Outside the Classroom (ProfHacker)

How to make a Voice Thread

Voice Thread Digital Library of Examples

Voice Thread: Conversations in the Cloud Tutorials

Voicethread4Education Wiki
College examples
Best Practices

Using VoiceThread to Build Student Engagement (Faculty Focus)

Wissahickon School District eToolBox: Voice Thread

Jennifer Dorman Voice Thread wiki


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
FAQs [great]

Penn State

Effective strategies for teaching with emerging tech from Michelle Pacansky-Brock.

Using Voicethread for Digital Conversations



Do I need a microphone to comment?
What are the network requirements for using VoiceThread?
How many voices can a VoiceThread contain?
How many slides can a VoiceThread contain?
Can I allow other people to download the content from my VoiceThread slide?
How much does VoiceThread cost?
How do I register for a VoiceThread account?
How do I sign into my VoiceThread account?
What if I've forgotten my password?
How do I sign out of my VoiceThread account?
How do I purchase an upgrade for VoiceThread?

Higher Ed Administrator Guide

Higher Ed Instructor Guide

Higher Ed Student Guide

Creating a VoiceThread

Viewing and Commenting


Group Creation

Single Instructor License