Classroom Engagement Techniques in particular
To get more active learning (define from DSLE manual) approaches
To get more visual approaches
To get more variety
To get more reflection
I worked really hard to lay a foundation. Hope it works out in class sessions.

Used search term: ("teaching college US History using ...)


Annenberg Learner: America's History in the Making

a. Units

b. Support materials (terrific facilitator guides)

Concerning Emancipation: Introduction

c. Historical Thinking Skills Interactives

Placing artifacts in time (chronological thinking): Pocahontas

Analyzing artifacts

Evaluating Evidence: Civil War

Balancing Sources
Stamp Act
Alien and Sedition Act


Who does art history?

Name of art prof who was our dean? Susan Ney

NHC: Discussing Art

Using Works of Art in Teaching American History

Early American Paintings [great]

Best of Art History websites

Portrait of George Washington

Easy, Erect, and Noble : George Washington painting article

Picturing America

Picturing America educator resources (130 pp)

Paul Revere's ride interactive

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere: Fact, Fiction, and Artistic License

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere: Fact, Fiction, and Artistic License

Boston Massacre painting

Boston Massacre painting

Using Visual Fine Arts to Enrich Understanding

Analysis worksheets (National Archives)

Analysis worksheets (Library of Congress)

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Works of Art | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Colonial Period

Colonial Period

Civil War Photography


Use items from my travel drawer
National Park Service brochures

Introducing artifacts

Smithsonian Education - IdeaLabs: Artifact & Analysis


Placing artifacts in time (chronological thinking): Pocahontas

Analyzing artifacts


Teaching American history through biography

American Passages--A Literary Survey

American Passages: A Literary Survey

Bio essay
Teaching tips
Author questions
Selected archive items


Unit #2: Exploring Borderlands

Bartolomé de las Casas

Bernal Diaz del Castillo

Christopher Columbus

John Smith

Unit #3: Utopian Promise

William Bradford

John Winthrop

William Penn

Mary Rowlandson

Unit #4: Spirit of Nationalism

Jonathan Edwards

Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Jefferson

Phyllis Wheatley

Unit #7: Slavery and Freedom

Frederick Douglass

Harriet Jacobs

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Abraham Lincoln

Sorrow Songs


An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera

An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera -
Collection Connections | Library of Congress

Treasuror, Councell, and Company for Virginia, A Broadside, 1620 - American Memory
Timeline- Classroom Presentation | Teacher Resources - Library of Congress

Broadsides | Virginia Historical Society


Classroom Civility

Ask Stephanie: guidelines on classroom civility
Page 112 SET

Talking Across Divides: 10 Ways to Encourage Civil Classroom Conversation On Difficult Issues - The New York Times

Cultural competence guides and diversity tools for race, religion, ethnicity.

African Americans | Bias Busters: guides to cultural competence
Whole series of these

Critical Incident Questionnaire (CIQ)

Critical incident questionnaire

Entry and Exit Tickets/Slips

My wiki page: Reflection 3 2 1

Entrance Ticket: 3-2-1
3 facts
2 connections
1 question

Entry and exit tickets (pages 91-95 in Student Engagement Techniques book)

Entry tickets

Entry tickets focus student attention on the day’s topic or ask students to recall background
knowledge relevant to the day’s lesson.
Example: “Based on the readings for class today, what is your understanding of _?”

How to do entry ticket: using quotes to affirm/reject
What are two reasons the author gives for why Americans should oppose ...

Give quotes to document your response/support your position
Do some on board
Bring markers (6)


Engaging students in learning history

Make Classes Fun By Teaching History CSI Style

HSI: Historical Scene Investigation

High School History Doesn't Have to Be Boring - The Atlantic



Fishbowl | Facing History

Four Corners

Four Corners Teaching Strategy

How to live wisely

Great article by a Harvard professor

Learning Logs

Learning Log (Set 41) (page 324-326 SET)

Learning Logs

Monty Python

Monty Python
Seven clips from Monty Python that you can use to teach the history of Latin America

The Historical Value of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

Witch Village - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python's Life of Brian

A Selection Of Scenes From Monty Python's Life Of Brian

One minute paper

The One-Minute Paper | Center for Teaching Excellence – UVA

Quick Write

Quick Write

The Quickwrite

Six Ways to Use Quick Writes to Promote Learning

Random Name Generator

Random Name Picker

Random Name Picker Video Tutorial

Random Name Picker Video Tutorial

Name Picker Ninja


Using Socrative In Your Classroom by Rob Zdrojewski

App Review: Socrative (Faculty Focus)

Melissa Seidman's blog posts on Socrative

Socrative (History Tech)

6 Ways to Capture Student Responses without costly Clickers

How to Quickly Poll the Class (Chase Alexander)

Creating a Socrative Quiz

Stand Where You Stand

Taking a Stand on Controversial Issues | Facing History

Take A Stand: Strategy Four | Teach like A Champion

Sticky Notes on web pages

Our Stickys


The Simplicity of ‘Think-Pair-Share’

Clock Buddies


8 Free Timers to Help You Keep Activities on Schedule

Today's Meet

Today's Meet

Today's Meet: FAQ

Today's Meet video tutorials

Warm Up Questions

daily warm up questions for college us history

100 Warm Up Questions from American History video

Daily Warm Up Questions for US History by Students of History | Teachers Pay Teachers


Know what you are seeing.
Don't be fooled.
Be analytical.
Critical doesn't mean to find fault.

Three tools for teaching critical thinking

Cognitive dissonance

Fallacies - The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill

What is critical thinking?

What is critical thinking, anyway?

Fact-checking websites:



c. The Fact Checker (Washington Post)

Leanings of Magazines and Newspapers (Lorain County Community College)

The 100 most popular conservative news sites

The 50 most popular liberal news sites


Google search term: teaching US History with debates

What is an inquiry lesson?

Document based whole-class discussion

Using Deliberative Techniques (232 pp.)

Bringing debates into the classroom

C-Span Lincoln-Douglas Debates


Martha Ballard

What kind of historical source are letters and diaries?

Making sense of letters

Analyzing Nineteenth Century Letters

Letters Between Catharine Macaulay and Mercy Warren

Journals of Lewis and Clark online

Oregon Trail diaries

Journal of the missionary party

Emigrants' diaries and journals

Oregon Trail Diaries : A literate middle class hits the dusty trail : OCTA

Web Quest on the Oregon Trail


Images on the web

Historically Significant Newspaper Articles (from NYT)

Historically Significant Newspaper Obituaries (from NYT)

Historically Significant Supreme Court Cases

Landmark Documents (organized by era)

Historic maps

Digital History lesson plans


Diigo: highlight feature


Teaching with drama | National Museum of American History

Alicia's Costumes

Process Drama: Taking a Walk in Someone Else's Shoes

Teach any lesson through drama

Lest we forget: making history lessons memorable for students | Teacher Network | The Guardian

Drama Strategies to Use With Any Day's Times (Part 1)

Scenes in Tableau: Drama Strategies to Use With Any Day's Times (Part 2) - The New York

Point of View: Drama Strategies to Use With Any Day's Times (Part 3)

Object Monologues: Drama Strategies to Use With Any Day's Times (Part 4)

Reader's Theater: Drama Strategies to Use With Any Day's Times (Part 5)

George Washington at the Theater

Process Drama

Process Drama enables creativity and discovery

A Workshop with Cecily O'Neill

Process Drama: Teacher-in-Role

Process Drama: Mantle of the Expert

Mantle of the Expert

Process Drama in Education

Process Drama: Hotseating


Hotseating in drama

Raising the cognitive demand of hotseating

What is hotseating?


Evoke. How to make use of their expertise

Make photos larger than 8x12.
Laminate onto a thin poster board
Put in a slide-in frame open at the top
I can hold in one hand while I talk about that person
Stick holder for the frame

Alicia's Costumes
Does our drama dept have costumes to lend me.

Hamilton Play


The Official Page For The Music of Hamilton: The Musical

How Teachers Are Using ‘Hamilton’ the Musical in the Classroom | MindShift | KQED News

Using the Hamilton play

Religion and Hamilton


All the Hip-Hop References in Hamilton: A Track-by-Track Guide

The Best Teaching/Learning Resources On The Musical, “Hamilton” | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites
of the Day…

The Ten-Dollar Founding Father Without a Father: Teaching and Learning With 'Hamilton' - The
New York Times

Hamilton vs. Jefferson: Using Hamilton the Musical in the Classroom | Discovery Education

The Official Page For The Music of Hamilton: The Musical

Guns and ships

Hamilton the musical: Non-traditional literacy and historical thinking | History Tech



Famous Trials

Salem Witchcraft (1692)

Boston Massacre (1770)


See separate wiki page:


Google search terms:
Using Google Drive to teach college US History
Teaching Google Drive to students

How to use Google drive to have students post word clouds
Word clouds
Sharing term papers
What else
Ask Dan

What’s so great about Google Drive? And why should my students use it? | Cult of Pedagogy

The Best Ways to Use Google In the Classroom

Student’s Guide to Sharing a Google Drive Folder with their Teacher


Google Earth

Google Earth for iPad

10 Ways to Use Google Earth in Your Classroom

Google Earth blog

An easy way to find Google Earth tours

Go to Google advanced search
Civil War filetype:kmz

Google Earth

Table of Contents - Google Earth User Guide (Louisiana)

Google Earth Basics - Google Earth Blog

Record & play tours of the world on Google Earth - Earth Help

Mark places on the map in Google Earth

Set up icons for places and folders

Search for places in Google Earth

Airplane boarding tickets for Google Earth

Teaching with Google Earth

Google Earth

Google Lit trips (Google Earth)

Tip of the Week: Google Earth Tour Builder | History Tech

Tours Archives - Google Earth Blog



First day of classes

Ice breaker: photo from your phone

Ice breaker: interview your parents on their reaction/where they were on the day of 9/11


New York Public Library Digital collections

Africans in America/Part 3 and 4/Resource Bank Contents
Use this index to get images (in italics)


Teaching with infographics

Using Infographics for Policy Deliberation on Afghanistan – The Choices Blog


Best of History websites: games and animations

Interactives for U.S. History: Revolution to Reconstruction | EDSITEment

Interactives: Spanish-American War through Cold War | EDSITEment

Teaching American History website:

American Revolution

Neutrality: America on the sidelines




Google Lit trips (Google Earth)

American Passages: Herman Melville

Analyzing a Melville Story: Bartleby the Scrivner


Map links


TIME magazine (1923-present)

TIME covers

LIFE magazine


See separate wiki page


15 Ways to Use The New York Times Learning Network

10 ways to use New York Times for research

500 Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writing

Topics of the Times - The New York Times

Connecting NYT articles to your world


Searching Historic Newspapers Just Got Better | Library of Congress Blog


See separate wiki page:


Students interview their family members.

assignment to interview a member of their family (who is of their parents' age or older) about the 1960s had led to a kind of conversation they had never had before.

Making sense of oral history


What Presidential portraits reveal

Photography and the Civil War

The Bizarre Practice Of Staging Civil War Photographs

Alexander Gardner: The mysteries of the Civil War’s photographic giant

Making sense of documentary photography

Analyzing Nineteenth Century Daguerreotypes

Making sense of documentary photography

The Mystery at the Heart of Great Photographs

Making sense of photos

Teaching with visual documents:
The two photographs
Guiding questions

Daguerreotypes - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog (Library of Congress)

Daguerreotypes at Harvard

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

TIME magazine (1923-present)

TIME covers

LIFE magazine

The Atlantic In Focus Alan Taylor

Boston Globe Big Picture

Denver Post photo blog

Sacramento photo blog



Pinterest Tutorials


Opt out of Picked for you Pins | Help Center

Add, edit, or delete a Pin


See the separate page on this wiki


[any DEL wiki page? My password?]

Poster session writing guide (PDF 21 pp)

Poster Sized Prints for the Classroom - Teaching With Simplicity
[Use of Adobe Acrobat software]

United States History Posters at

Posters | The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Turn of the Century Posters - NYPL Digital Collections

Analyzing WWII Propaganda Posters


Memorable history lessons: dress up, role play and personal stories

How to teach using role playing

Tips for ensuring a successful Choices role-play experience with your students

Living History: using role plays and reenactments


See separate wiki page

SHEG: Stanford History Education Group

How can I modify the SHEG material for class use (shorter)
Can I download the SHEG lessons to a WORD Doc

SHEG: sign up
User account | Stanford History Education Group

SHEG: sourcing, contextualization, corraboration, close reading

Historical Thinking Matters: home page

Historical Thinking Matters: Why Historical Thinking Matters

Reading Like A Historian | Stanford History Education Group

Intro to Historical Thinking | Stanford History Education Group

History Detected (Stanford magazine)

Guest Post: Jill Weber and historical thinking bootcamp | History Tech

Newsela adds “tampered” primary sources | History Tech


Google search term
Teaching US History using simulations

CFR Launches Model Diplomacy - Council on Foreign Relations

Simulations can change how you teach history
Print this out

Where to find simulations?

Wake up your class with simulations

Games and animations

Reacting to the past


On Learning Professor wiki

US Presidents
Fashion history
Film history
People's History

Peter Jennings: America's Century
CNN Cold War videos

Websites: document sources
Library of Congress (LOC)
National Archives
National Humanities Center (NHC)
Divining America
Avalon Project

Items not on the specific Sources page:

Crash course: John Green

HipHughes History on YouTube
1960 election explained

Schoolhouse Rock
Shot Heard Round the World

US History Lesson: School House Rocks Videos | My Town Tutors

God in America 02 A New Eden

Moments in US diplomatic history
Association for Diplomatic Study and Training
See my Word doc

National Security Archive (George Washington University)

Map links

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

LIFE magazine issues


American Rhetoric speech database

Miller Center (For US Presidents)



My Go-to Google Tools for Social Studies Classrooms

APU training

Office of Innovative Teaching and Technology

Google Translate improved and integrated into Gmail

Google Apps Learning Center

Cool tools for schools

Teaching resources

How to Create Google Alerts

Sakai user guide for faculty (Terri Rowley)

Setting up gradebook in Sakai

My Go-to Google Tools for Social Studies Classrooms

More than 40 alternatives to YouTube

15 tools for teaching history with technology


Boarding card

Discovering Jamestown: An Electronic Classroom Adventure for Teachers and Students

Colonial Williamsburg: Tour the Town

Colonial Williamsburg electronic field trips

Colonial Williamsburg multimedia library: HERO

Colonial Williamsburg: interactives [check this out carefully]

Virtual Field Trip | Plimoth Plantation

Mount Vernon


Memorial Hall

Virtual Jamestown

Plimoth Plantation

National Portrait Gallery

Boston Freedom Trail

National Museum of American History

National Museum of American History online exhibits

National Womens' History Museum (NWHM) online exhibits

NWHM Exhibit: The History of Women and Education

(NWHM) Women of Jamestown

Teaching with Historic Places (U.S. National Park Service)

Old Sturbridge Village

Bring the World Into Your Classroom with Virtual Field Trips - The Teacher's Passport

Tips for planning a virtual field trip

Virtual Field Trip passport and boarding pass - Download and customize for your own virtual
field trips! | Travel Theme Classroom | Pinterest

A Virtual Ticket to Ride -- THE Journal


Teaching with webquests

Bernie Dodge home page


[have trouble with the website]


108 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom

Ten Amazing Wordle Lessons for the Classroom

5 Ways To Use Word Clouds In The Classroom | Edudemic

How to create custom word clouds


The Role of Journal Writing in Historical Thinking

Teaching Strategy: Journals in a Facing History Classroom | Facing History

Creative Writing: Reflective Journaling | Writing Forward

CGU Writing Center: Resources for Stidents

CGU Writing Center: Historiographies

Reading, Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for College Students

Teaching Historical Writing - Annelise Heinz


Highlight reels

Crash Course: John Green

HipHughes History on YouTube
1960 election explained

History Channel

Shootout! 01x09 Iraq's Ambush Alley

The Lost Evidence

The Lost Evidence: Operation Market Garden

Battlefield Detectives

Patton 360°

PATTON 360 E:2 of 10 Rommel's Last Stand


DSLE Green manual online

Dee Fink website

Sakai gradebook

How to do IDEA (Stephanie Fenwick)

Any place where we accumulate blurbs from other's syllabi?

Participation 25 points
Rubric for participation
Minus excess absences

How many points for an extra credit
See how hard the first exam proves to be

Design Tips and Forms | Designing Significant Learning Experiences

Examples | Designing Significant Learning Experiences

DSLE IDEA paper (7 page summary)

Example of Art History professor

Article on using questions on first day of classes

String of Activities