Tom Friedman. The World is Flat. New York: Picador, 2005 (updated in 2007). ISBN978-0-312-42507-4
Here are some of the quotes from this book which have made a tremendous impact on my teaching philosophy:

Page 309
Ability to learn how to learn. What we learn will quickly become dated.

Page 310
In addition to learning how to learn, we have to become adept at working on the web.
Page 310
"What has stayed with me are not the facts they [Friedman's favorite teachers] imparted but the excitement about learning they inspired. To learn how to learn, you have to love learning—or you have to at least enjoy it—because so much learning is being about motivated to teach yourself.

Page 314
A person's passion quotient (PQ) and curiosity quotient (CQ) will be greater than a simple intelligence quotient (IQ).
CQ + PQ > IQ
"Curious, passionate kids are self-educators and self-motivators."
"Some kids are just born that way [curious], but for the many who are not, the best way to make kids love learning is either to instill in them a sense of curiosity, by great teaching, or to stimulate their own innate curiosity by making available to them all the technologies of the flat-world platform so they can educate themselves in an enormously rich way."
Page 315
Recapture that passion you had when you were little.
"It's that childlike feeling of 'I want to do that because I want to do that—and don't have to explain why' that we all need to rediscover."