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" If you are comfortable enough with both the language and the content of the source use a speech recognition program. You read the text to yourself and say into the micro what you think it should be in the target language.

You can always make notes as to where you're having trouble and revise it later."

"So, if the book to be translated is a work of fiction, I would suggest doing it like people did it in the Stone Age, i.e. by reading a sentence from the book and typing the translation into your computer. Unless the topic starter wanted to save some time by putting the soft copy of the book through Google Translate..."

"I'm currently translating a novel

It's been given to me in Word format but it still means going word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph... I really don't think it makes much difference whether the original is on paper or in an electronic format; the work goes on inside your brain!

I had planned to translate two pages a day but I admit I'm 30 pages off schedule! I thought that when I got further into the book, I would be able to make better progress but translating is definitely not the same as reading for enjoyment - although I admit I like the book!

There are other projects with strict deadlines that need to be done and I've discovered that if I want to produce a decent piece of work, I can't do more than a certain number of pages of the novel at a time.

If you're translating a novel, I wish you good luck. I'm sure all the effort involved will be worth it in the end."

Babylon: Spanish to English translation

Lost in Translation

Language Translation in the Internet Age

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Zetzsche, Josh. The Translator's Toolbox: A Computer Primer for Translators

Best free online dictionaries for translators and linguists

Pimp out your browser searches for language learning

How to become a location-independent freelance translator

Blog: Musings from an overworked translator

Key Lingo
Efficient language translation services add up the little things for you

Open Translation Tools

Aranda, Lucia V. Handbook of Spanish-English Translation. [LINK from APU--received] [Don't bother about purchasing it]

page 33, footnote 9

"The rule of thumb for any translation is, in my opinion, to say everything the original says, not to say anything the original does not say, and to say everything with the accuracy and naturalness that the source language allows. The first two norms involve and demand complete faithfulness to the content; the third allows for the necessary liberty in style. The difficulty resides in applying the three at the same time. Whoever can do this justifiably merits the title of excellent translator."

Baker, Mona. In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation. [LINK CS Long Beach]

Beeby-Lonsdale, Allison. Teaching Translation from Spanish to English: Worlds beyond Words. [LINK Cal Poly, Pomona]

Bellos, David. Is That a Fish in Your Ear? Translation and the Meaning of Everything. [LINK from APU--received] [Don't bother to purchase it.] Good chapter 23 [The Adventure of Automated Language-Translation Machines on how Google Translate works and why it has value to a translator.]

Biguenet, John, and Rainer Schulte, eds. The Craft of Translation. [essays] [LINK CS Long Beach]

Child, Jack. Introduction to Spanish Translation. [LINK from Biola]

Chriss, Roger. Translation as a Profession. [same title but different author] [14 libraries on World Cat]

Durban, Chris. The Prosperous Translator. [no copies available on LINK] [Biola has it on World Cat]
Their column in Translation Journal

Gile, Daniel. Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator Training. [no copies available on LINK] [check electronic books]

Gouadec, Daniel. Translation as a profession [electronic resource]. Philadelphia : J. Benjamins Pub. Co., c2007. [ordered from LINK 7 June]

Haywood, Louise, Michael Thompson, and Sandor Hervey. Thinking Spanish Translation: A Course in Translation Method: Spanish to English. [LINK from APU--received] [Don't purchase it]

Jenner, Judy and Dagmaar. The entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation [no copies available on LINK] [16 libraries on World Cat]

Lizardo, Naya. Freelance Translation Handbook: Guide to Becoming a Professional Freelance Translator. [not on LINK] [not on World Cat]

Lunn, Patricia V. En otras palabras: Perfeccionamiento des espanol por medio de la traduccion. [LINK from La Sierra]

McKay, Corinne. How to succeed as a freelance translator. [not available on LINK] [check electronic books] [56 libraries have it on World Cat]

McKay, Corinne. Thoughts on Translation. [book] [not even on LINK] [5 libraries on World Cat have it]

Mossop, Brian. Revising and editing for translators [electronic resource]. New York : Routledge, 2014. 3rd ed [LINK from UNLV]

Orellana, Marina. La traduccion del ingles al castellando: guia para el traductor. [LINK from UNLV]

Robinson, Douglas H. Becoming a Translator. [this may have what I need] [LINK from Biola]

Samuelsson-Brown, Geoffrey. A practical guide for translators [electronic resource]. Buffalo : Multilingual Matters, 2004. 4th ed.[ebrary]

Samuelsson-Brown, Geoffrey. Managing Translation Services. Buffalo: Multilingual Matters, 2006.
[a sequel to A Practical Guide for Translators] [ebrary]

Sofer, Morey. The Translator's Handbook. [ordered from LINK]

Tassini, Adriana. The translator training textbook. [not on LINK at all] [3 libraries have it; UCLA is one of them]

Vazquez-Ayora, Gerardo. Introduccion a la Traductologia. [LINK San Jose State]

Washbourne, Kelly. Manual of Spanish-English Translation. [LINK UNLV]

WLF. 101 Things a Translator Needs to Know

Haywood, Louise, Michael Thompson, and Sandor Hervey. Thinking Spanish Translation: A Course in Translation Method: Spanish to English. [LINK from APU--received] [Don't purchase it]

4, good list of sources for translating as a career.

International Federation of Translators

British Institute of Translating and Interpreting
Check the "Getting Started" section for download possibilities

Chartered Institute of Linguists
Check Discussion Forum for much useful advice

American Translators Association
Can order a "Getting Started" booklet The Translation Workplace
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ST Source Text: The text requiring translation
SL Source language; language of the original
TL Target language
TT The text which is a translation of the ST

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